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Home sweet home – Nutanix Mine with HYCU

January 27, 2020

Remember where you grew up? Remember how you knew all the people living in your neighborhood, every little tree, street and hidden alley? How you knew which dog barked for fun, and which one you should avoid? How you knew the school and all the teachers, and how to get something done quickly without having to spend too much extra time?

HYCU’s neighborhood is Nutanix.

We have known how to communicate using Nutanix API’s even before we could walk, even before we ever had a data protection product. As we grew up and launched our purpose-built backup solution, HYCU for Nutanix, at .NEXT 2017 in Washington DC, we actually learned the best ways to get around. The best way to make a snapshot. The best way to calculate the changed blocks and the best way to transfer them to the storage. We also came to know all the hidden alleys, all the little tweaks to make the software work better and to make sure we were avoiding any unfriendly dogs. Of course, it was easier for us, since we grew up on familiar streets as Nutanix – having more than 20 years experience and prior knowledge building leading backup products, many of which were on the Gartner MQ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery over the years.

As Nutanix customers started adopting a new way to manage primary storage technology, they came to realize HCI is something worthwhile driving into secondary storage as well. How come? Well, once you found a way to simplify your life in one area, you would be crazy not to apply this learning to other areas as well. It is our customers that started asking us if they could use Nutanix clusters also as storage targets. In the beginning it was the single node clusters and they worked great, exposed to HYCU through an iSCSI protocol. But this got us all thinking, there are more ways we can help all of our customers on their HCI journey.

Fast forward. We found our beautiful Nutanix Mine home in the Nutanix neighborhood. Our native home, with amazing features designed and built specifically for the Nutanix platform. Features like backup from replica, or Nutanix Files backup through Change File tracking API. Features like true instant recovery or RTO assurance. It was a smart house, where everything that could be automated is automated. You do not have to discover the light switch. You simply say, “turn on light,” and HYCU automatically discovers your applications and backs them up in an application consistent manner. And, you never stop enhancing your home. If there is something new in the neighborhood, you know we are the first ones to support it and make sure our’s and your’s family is safe.

We know there will be other homes in the Nutanix neighborhood, but to us, there is a difference. Tight integration is not trivial and to do it right, takes time. In fact, new neighbors may bring new things, big cars, fancy furniture and even more that may make it impossible to keep things simple. And feedback from our joint customers is always one and the same, simplicity is what it's all about.

With HYCU, our main goal is to make Nutanix Mine the best home to make secondary storage invisible.

Period. To us, it’s about being the best neighbor in the neighborhood. The one’s home where you remember growing up where all the kids wanted to hang out. Where you built a lifetime of memories. That’s why we’re proud to support Nutanix Mine and why we continue to keep pace with all of Nutanix latest innovation.

Try Nutanix Mine with HYCU at tryhycu.com and experience the true new age simplicity for secondary storage. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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