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Your Hyper-converged Infrastructure Deserves 360° Simplicity

Too many companies eliminate the simplicity of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) by protecting it with legacy, bolt-on backup and recovery products. HYCU makes sure that won't happen to you.

Making Applications Available and Protected

Improve on the Promise

Nutanix Mine with HYCU is the only solution that has been purpose-built for a Nutanix-led customer.It allows a customer to not only preserve HCI simplicity, but also provides a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV and ESX,but it also makes sure all of your data residing in Nutanix Volumes, Nutanix Files or your Physical Servers are fully protected.

Done Before You Know It

With Nutanix Mine with HYCU, backup becomes a service of the platform and is nearly invisible. With Nutanix centric design and tight integration and extensive automation, there’s no hassle from the get-go. Move your entire deployment from days to hours.

100% Application Focus

No more partially-recovered applications. HYCU sees through VMs to discover where every application is running, initiates single-click backup and automates application-specific recovery workflows.

Stress-Free Backup and Recovery

Our self-service portal empowers application owners to quickly backup and recover application data. And with our powerful tools, backup cloud and NAS, and the rest is easy.

“The power of the Nutanix platform continues to drive innovation for our global customers. The continued innovation that HYCU brings to Nutanix customers is impressive, particularly, in remote office (ROBO) environments and in environments that leverage Acropolis File Services (AFS). With HYCU, our customers gain the flexibility and choice they need in order to best converge their protection and recovery onto the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”

Vice President of Product Management at Nutanix

“Thousands of companies rely on Nutanix to deliver the agility and economics of the public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises infrastructure. HYCU has developed a powerful solution that aligns with our design philosophy of consumer-grade simplicity. HYCU will give customers the flexibility and choice of converging all their data management onto the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”

Chief Product & Development Officer at Nutanix

“With HYCU, it was love at first sight. Its simplicity, elegance and power make it the ideal backup and recovery solution for Nutanix.”

Infrastructure Manager and Solutions Architect at Intuit Technologies

“We’ve been using HYCU since it launched as it follows the Nutanix UI and ease of use model. We continue to be impressed by the speed of development and how open they are to customer feedback. Our virtual environment is growing rapidly and we rely on a solution that can handle scalability, performance and reliability. I am excited to see the direction HYCU is evolving for Nutanix innovation like AFS support and continued improvement for deeper application coverage for Microsoft like AD authentication for admins and tenants, one of the new features in HYCU 3.0.”

Head of Cloud Services at A3 Sweden

“In my experience, it’s easy to say your solution is simple, easy to use and only takes a few clicks to be up and running, but much harder to prove. With that said, I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve been able to do with HYCU since installing it on our Nutanix clusters. It’s intuitive and feels like I’m using something that is tightly integrated with our Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor. It took me under five minutes to be up and running and I was already protecting my data in under twenty minutes. That’s a far cry from what I’m used to with other backup and recovery products I’ve been working with over time.”

IT landscape owner at Albeda College

“Without the right data protection solution, hyperconvergence doesn’t make sense, yet many of these modern platforms count on legacy backup products to provide data protection. The problem is most legacy data protection solutions exist outside the hyperconverged environment, which reintroduces complexity and duplicates many of the capabilities of the hyperconverged software. HYCU lives in the Nutanix ecosystem and leverages its powerful capabilities extending them to create a complete but simple data protection solution. For that reason alone, HYCU should be a serious consideration for any Nutanix user.”

Chief Steward at Storage Switzerland

“Over the past nine months, Azlan + Technology Solutions and HYCU have established a very successful relationship. Our goal is to deliver the very best enterprise solutions, making use of the best hybrid, cloud and next-generation technologies. By providing efficient integration of monitoring between Microsoft and Nutanix, and effective backup and recovery solutions, HYCU enables VARs to offer their customers the reassurance and peace of mind they need at a time when the threats to digital security are multiplying at an alarming rate. HYCU has been a valuable addition to our portfolio and we look forward to delivering further success and simplicity for our partners.”

Business Unit Director at Azlan, part of TechData Group

“We pride ourselves on our capabilities to get organizations cloud ready via digital transformation of their IT via disruptive technologies. HYCU is exactly what we’ve been waiting for to support our customers that are looking to make the most of their cloud ready platform investments with Nutanix and the Acropolis Hypervisor. It comes down to the simplicity and elegance of how their data recovery software works. HYCU offers Prism-like simplicity and management with very easy deployment for all of our customers from the small-to-medium businesses to larger enterprises. HYCU and its new Backup and Recovery offering truly solidify our cloud platform data recovery strategy.”

Vice President of Technology & General Manager at Zycom Technology

For us, this has been a light bulb going off. About 80 per cent of Nutanix for us is displacing HyperV and VMware with Acropolis. The problem was that there hasn’t been a great backup for it. HYCU has easily customizable policy templates.  It ties in with the whole theme of simplified management.

Owner of OPUS Consulting Group

“Many IT administrators are looking for their data protection solutions to play a critical role not just for traditional platform owners--namely database and virtual server admins–but for the emerging new cloud admin role to keep their respective workloads up and running. While the data protection market continues to mature, solutions like HYCU that are purpose-built for Nutanix platform users are well-suited to drive value as the role of the traditional backup administrator evolves and the cloud and virtual admin continues to gain prominence. For organizations looking at data protection solutions for Nutanix, they should seriously consider HYCU.”

Founder and Chief of Steward, Storage Switzerland

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