Did You Know: Always Ready Controller

Did You Know: Always Ready Controller

Did you know that HYCU performs a backup of itself and that the image is always-ready for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes?

In case of a disaster, something which we all know too much about of late, it is of the highest importance to be able to quickly bring up your backup infrastructure and to start to perform the rest of the recovery process. HYCU is able to back up its infrastructure in a format that enables instant access to its VM from the respective backup target. Users can simply deploy and power up a HYCU VM and start with the standard business data recovery steps in a matter of seconds.

HYCU Controller Backup Overview

In order to simplify the recovery process of HYCU, a complete VM image of the controller is kept in its original format on a user defined backup target. In case of the controller, NFS, SMB or iSCSI targets are supported. The user just selects HYCU VM and assigns the backup policy.


HYCU Controller Backup Overview

Policies View



After assigning the policy to a HYCU controller, the user will always have direct access to the backup copy of the VM.

If you’re not already thinking about the following questions, you should. How simple is it to backup your backup infrastructure? How long does it take to bring it back from a disaster?

If you’re looking to answer those two questions and want to learn more about our always ready controller, check out Try HYCU and see for yourself.

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