Backup & recovery for your as-a-Service has never been so easy!

Finally, a data protection solution that is built to scale to protect the world's thousands of as-a-Service applications, and seamlessly integrates with your cloud & on-premises infrastructure.

R-Graph SaaS Application Detection

Simple, reliable backup & recovery for your business-critical SaaS apps and cloud services.

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Gain the peace of mind that comes with ransomware-proof backups and granular recovery objectives.

Over 50% of ransomware attacks are carried out on as-a-Service applications and cloud services. Powered by the world's first and only development platform for data protection, R-Cloud, HYCU Protégé offers businesses a simple, effective way to protect their business-critical application data.

Purpose-built backup & recovery for each app protected.

100% true SaaS. No agents, no maintenance, no updates, no hassles.

Decrease TCO with a single vendor for all your data protection needs.


See, manage, protect & recover your as-a-Service data - all from a single UI.

See your entire data estate.

  • Combat Shadow IT with R-Graph, which provides a comprehensive visualization of the entire data estate including public and private clouds.
  • Intuitive icons enable you to quickly identify the protection status of each SaaS, DBaaS and PaaS app within your estate.
HYCU R-Graph, a network map of all your SaaS backup and protection status.

Simplify management.

  • Single pane of glass dashboard provides a bird's eye view of the data estate that can easily be navigated so admins can manage all data protection policies from a single UI.
  • Self-service from day 1 - Deliver role-based access controls and empower SaaS admins and users to to protect and restore critical data when they need to.
HYCU Protégé for SaaS applications backup and recovery live status dashboard with a graph of applications by team, backup policies, targets, and pie charts of recoverable items.

Protect with ease & recover with confidence.

  • One-click simplicity for backup - Pre-defined policies enable users to "set and forget" backup policies with just a single click.
  • Granular, application-consistent recovery - Quickly recover granular elements across your as-a-Service applications, all in the terminology native to each application.
HYCU Protégé Backup for SaaS policy table with compliance, protection, and discovery status markers.Second HYCU Protégé Backup for SaaS policy table with compliance, protection, and discovery status markers.
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