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HYCU For Google Cloud Platform | Datasheet

HYCU for Google Cloud
HYCU For Google Cloud Platform | Datasheet

HYCU for Google Cloud is the most comprehensive data protection as a service (DPaaS) solution for Google Cloud workloads, providing organizations with a single service to see, manage, protect, and recover their data, reducing costs, lowering risk, and ensuring business continuity.

With industry-leading breadth and depth coverage for native Google Cloud workloads, HYCU protects more of your business-critical data and ensures rapid recoverability from data threats in minutes. Workloads including but not limited to apps running on Google Compute Engine(GCE), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Cloud VMware Engine(GCVE), Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Google Workspace, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Functions, Google App Engine, BigQuery, SAP HANA on Google Cloud, NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google, and more…

Data Protection for Google Cloud

HYCU for Google Cloud provides cloud-native, application-consistent backup and flexible recovery for GCE, GCVE, GKE, GCS and more. HYCU delivers this via 1-click simplicity, tight platform integration and awareness, with built in compliance for Google Cloud workloads.

Data Migration for Google Cloud

HYCU for Google Cloud can seamlessly lift and shift production workloads in an application-consistent manner from on-premises to Google Cloud, from a different public cloud to Google Cloud, or within Google Cloud regions and projects. HYCU enables migrations effortlessly using both built-in self-service, on-demand and staged capabilities.

Disaster Recovery for Google Cloud

Customers looking for cost-efficient DR can now use HYCU to seamlessly failover on-premises and cloud workloads to Google cloud. HYCU eliminates the need to pay for compute and high-performance storage until customers need to failover to Google Cloud.

Google cloud HYCU support


Next-Gen Backup for Google Cloud

Zero deployment, maintenance, configuration with HYCU's true Backup as a Service (BaaS)hosted within Google Cloud.

Eliminate planning and sizing of backup infrastructure with HYCU's cloud-scale architecture to support Google Cloud’s limitless scale.

Increase cost savings with optimal cloud utilization with HYCU's native Google Cloud design, certified with auto-discovery of any current and future regions and zones.

Single pane of glass for all workloads with HYCU's unified backup solution for all GoogleCloud workloads.


Auto detect and protect applications with HYCU's automated application discovery on GKE,GCE, GCVE, and Google Workspace, and backup to GCS.

Optimized for SAP HANA with HYCU's integration with Cloud Storage Backint agent (SAP certified) for backup, recovery, migration, and DR.

Easy to protect customized applications with HYCU's detailed per-post application framework for application and data-consistent backups.

Efficient and Secure Backup and Recovery

No Performance Penalty with HYCU's agentless architecture across the board to backup GCE,GKE and GCS.

Granular rapid point-in-time recovery with HYCU's ability to recover files, folders, VMs, disks, containers and applications from local snapshots or cloud storage.

Achieve backup storage efficiency with HYCU's incremental forever and to GCS with auto tiering.

Single pane of glass for all workloads with HYCU's unified backup solution for all workloads on Google Cloud.

Peace of mind recovering from threats to NetApp data with comprehensive protection of business-critical data stored on NetApp Cloud Volumes in Google Cloud.

Improve cloud operational efficiency

Enable DevOps environments with HYCU's ability to inherit Google’s multi-tenancy by integrating with its IAM and projects.

Intuitive end-user experience with HYCU's easy to use interface that needs zero learning curve for Google Cloud admins.

Relieve admins from manual tasks with HYCU's policy-based automation to easily detect and protect new workloads.

Gain peace of mind and eliminate the worry of backup failures with HYCU's proactive tech support to discover and resolve issues before anyone realizes.

Simplified cross-cloud operations

Accelerate Dev/Test environments with HYCU's ability to easily clone VMs, disks, Containers and Apps across multiple projects.

One-click cross-regional DR with HYCU's simple and easy multi-regional DR capabilities.

Cost-efficient backup and recovery of on-premises infrastructure with HYCU's ability to leverage Google Cloud Storage as a backup and DR target for on-prem workloads.

Express ticket to Google Cloud with HYCU's one-click, agentless migration of on-premises workloads to Google Cloud.

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