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5 Reasons Why You Should Backup Your Google Cloud Platform Environment

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5 Reasons Why You Should Backup Your Google Cloud Platform Environment

Our HYCU experts break through common misperceptions on why you need to re-evaluate your backup and recovery approach if you want to truly be

Cloud native and purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In the latest whitepaper 5 Reasons why you should backup your Google Cloud Platform Environment we highlight that while GCP offers fail-over and redundancy, don’t mistake that for backup! There are five compelling reasons why you should reassess what you are currently doing for GCP.

HYCU experts share answer to the top five issues and provides compelling answers to those questions:

  • Can you use point-in-time restore of VMs, applications and files with GCP?
  • In the case of accidentally deleting a file, will you have access beyond 30 days?
  • Are you covered in the event of a malicious internal user?
  • Are you ideally suited to avoid fines and legal disputes?
  • In the event of a hack or ransomware attack, do you have a separate copy of data available?

    Download our latest whitepaper to learn why you need to rethink your backup and recovery approach when using Google Cloud Platform, and how HYCU Backup as a Service for GCP can help!

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