With Backup as a Service, you have the keys to simplify and unify your data protection strategy. Unlock the full potential of your hybrid cloud infrastructure with a secure, scalable, cloud-native backup and recovery solution.

Cloud storage and computing have helped companies streamline, scale, and accelerate business operations, but legacy backup and recovery solutions haven’t kept pace with modern hybrid and multi-cloud environments. On the other hand, relying on native cloud platform capabilities, like snapshots, can quickly become costly and unmanageable.

Discover how HYCU’s Backup as a Service helps solve common cloud backup and recovery headaches while delivering immediate value to the It organization, including:

  • Unified Backup and Recovery: Backup, migrate, and failover your cloud and on-premises workloads from a single user interface anyone can use.
  • Resiliency on Autopilot: Take advantage of automated application discovery to ensure everything in your agile IT environment is protected in the moment.
  • Ransomware Ready: Protect your entire IT environment with air-gapped and immutable backups to cost-efficient cloud storage and take recovery time down from days to minutes.
  • Built for the Cloud: Say goodbye to frustrating sizing exercises with a solution that dynamically scales alongside your evolving environments.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Take advantage of native snapshot and security protocols to accelerate backup and recovery efforts.


HYCU’s Founder, CEO on CNBC’s Squawk Alley