HYCU learning center has unique capabilities, hands-on virtual labs, and certification.

You Asked, We Listened – HYCU Learning Center

September 24, 2020

Ever since our early days, customers and partners recognized the incredible value HYCU brings to the platform it was protecting. In parallel, we received numerous requests on learning more and knowing what the “best” best practices are, as well as all the hidden secrets only a true HYCU master would know.

Even though HYCU for Enterprise Cloud itself is really simple, can be deployed in 3 minutes and learned in 4 minutes, our global customers and partners have shared numerous insights and ways to advance our solution in their environment and how to take what is already good and make it even better. Thanks to both the continued interest and those insights, we are excited to introduce the HYCU Learning Center. With it comes years of learning, insights, best practices and ways to make your multi-cloud data management across both on-premises and public clouds, the best experience possible.

For our growing number of partners and customers that are not satisfied with just using HYCU solutions, but want to know more on how things work and why we architected the solutions the way we did, they have a resource. For our partners that want to be the best possible consultants for their customers, and customers who want to master data protection in their data centers, they can now get HYCU certified.

Enterprise Cloud HYCU Admin Certified

Accessing the HYCU Learning Center is 1-click away direct from our Support Portal. You’ll need your username and log-in credentials and once you access it, you’ll be able to take certification to be an Enterprise Cloud Admin. The exam can be completed in less than an hour. And, if you take the it by the end of October, and pass, we’ll send you and the members of your team the newest HYCU Swag (HYCU T-shirts and more)! The certification is also free of charge until the end of the year.

The HYCU Learning Center ushers in a new era for our partners and customers. They can now learn and gain insights into HYCU's simplicity, unique capabilities and get a true hands-on experience through HYCU virtual labs. And of course, they can earn HYCU Certification! The Certification Program has been designed to recognize not just knowledge but also give back, so anyone that takes an exam, can learn and move on. It also helps build confidence in their expertise and help differentiate themselves in being able to deliver true simplicity!

As always, let us know if there is anything you would like to see that we haven’t included in the new Learning Center. And, stay tuned as more certifications are coming for HYCU for public clouds.

Happy HYCUing…

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