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Data Protection as a Service

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July 8, 2024

Choosing the right backup solution is crucial for ensuring business continuity and data integrity. Unitrends, acquired by Kaseya in 2018, has long been a player in the backup and disaster recovery space. Unitrends backup stands as a prominent offering under Kaseya's Unified Backup portfolio, primarily targeting small-to-midsize enterprises with traditional physical and virtual infrastructures.  

While Unitrends highlights a feature-rich environment suitable for various backup needs, it faces stiff competition from other vendors. This article explores the pros and cons of Unitrends and why considering other alternatives might be advantageous.

Pros of Unitrends:

  1. Comprehensive Backup Solution: Unitrends offers a feature-rich backup product suitable for traditional backup environments, spanning both physical and cloud environments.
  1. Target Market: Positioned for enterprises (500-10,000 employees), Unitrends caters to a specific segment often overlooked by larger vendors.
  1. Integration with Kaseya Ecosystem: As part of Kaseya's broader solution for MSPs, Unitrends can potentially offer seamless integration with other Kaseya products.
  1. Versatility: Unitrends can protect various environments, including on-premises infrastructure and more recently cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 data, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Salesforce.
  1. Mature Product: With over a decade of experience and the integration of technologies like PHD Virtual, Unitrends has taken the time to refine its offerings.

Cons of Unitrends:

  1. Product Overlap: Kaseya's multiple acquisitions have led to overlapping backup products in its portfolio, and potentially diluting focus on individual solutions.
  1. Mixed User Reviews: Public customer review sites report varied experiences with Unitrends, particularly regarding the product's ability to deliver promised functionality.
  1. Non-SaaS Based: While Unitrends protects M365 and a few additional cloud-based solutions, it is not built to protect a multitude of SaaS-based solutions.  
  1. Focus on Traditional Environments: Unitrends is still heavily geared towards traditional physical and virtual infrastructures, which may not align with the needs of organizations looking for modern, cloud-native solutions.

Why Consider Alternatives like HYCU

Ease of Use
User-friendly interface,simplified management,and intuitive operations designed for ease of use by IT teams. 
Complex interface with steep learning curve for new users. 
Multi-cloud Support 
Strong multi-cloud support with seamless integrations for major cloud platforms like AWS,Azure,Google Cloud and Nutanix.
Limited multi-cloud support,primarily focused on on-premises and some cloud backup options. 
Highly scalable,flexible for organizations of all sizes,easily handling large data volumes. 
Less scalable for large enterprise needs,better suited for small to medium businesses. 
Performance and Efficiency 
Optimized for efficient data protection with minimal performance overhead and fast recovery times. 
Performance can lag with larger datasets and during intensive operations. 
Modern agentless architecture,and leverages cloud-native technologies for data protection. 
Traditional,agent-based architecture with slower adoption of modern technologies.  
Customer Support 
Highly rated NPS score with proactive engagement and fast response times. 
Support can be slower with mixed reviews on responsiveness and problem resolution. 
Competitive and flexible pricing models,offering a good value for the features provided. 
Pricing can be higher with fewer flexible options,potentially less value for your spend. 
Market Reputation 
Positive reputation for innovation,reliability,and customer support in the multi-cloud data protection space. 
Solid reputation but seen as less innovative compared to newer agile competitors. 
Integration and Compatibility 
Excellent integration capabilities with leading cloud providers and enterprise applications. 
Limited integrations options compared to HYCU,and often requires additional customizations. 
Strong emphasis on security with advanced features like ransomware protection and compliance
Adequate security features but less advanced compared to others. 

While Unitrends offers a comprehensive backup solution with a long history in the market, the changing data protection landscape suggests careful consideration of alternatives. HYCU and other vendors may provide more focused, cloud-ready alternatives along with traditional on-prem backup solutions that better align with modern needs.  

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