The Value of Strategic Partners: Teraflow

September 28, 2021

Working with partners during the best of times is a blessing.

What makes a true partner relationship special is the work each do when times are challenging

Nothing comes closer to that truth than the relationship the team at HYCU has with our newest HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program partner, Teraflow.

A while back, just as the pandemic was forcing companies to adjust to at home and remote work, HYCU was working with Teraflow on several proofs of concept. One, in particular, was with Comair Limited, South Africa’s emerging airline. Comair was in the midst of their digital transformation from on-premises to Google Cloud. What started as a routine proof of concept had to factor in the emergence of a global pandemic. Thankfully due to the grit of both the Teraflow and HYCU team, Comair is well on its way through successful phases of the migration to Google Cloud.

The Teraflow team, based out the UK with offices in South Africa, truly understands the complexities of transforming data to help guide customers through their entire data journey.

A global company, Teraflow’s clients include the world’s leading Banks, Telcos, Airlines, Financial Services and Logistics companies. From the beginning, our team knew that working with Teraflow would be a natural fit. Our shared vision on customer success and delight and rising to meet each customer’s uniques challenges inspires both companies.

As Grant Oliff, Chief Customer Officer at Teraflow noted in our news announcement about our partnership, “Our customers need the right services and solutions to make their digital transformation journeys from on-premises to public clouds both efficient and cost-effective. To support this journey, at Teraflow, we align with the right partners to support our customers. The team at HYCU is a proven partner that has helped our joint customers deploy, manage, protect and recover mission critical workloads running on public cloud as part of their digital transformation initiatives.”

Teraflow works at the cutting edge of data engineering, solving a multitude of critical business problems for their customers. With HYCU as a partner, joint customers adopting public cloud like Comair now have a cost-effective and easy way to store on-premises backups and an efficient DR platform.

Comair CIO Avsharn Bachoo also noted, “Partners are critical for any company looking to solve the challenges they may face on their digital transformation journeys. At Comair, we were fortunate to put the customer at the center of our journey and with help from Teraflow we were able to transform our IT infrastructure, leapfrogging from legacy systems to state-of-the-art technology creating economies of scale that were not possible before. We did this at the height of the pandemic and it has been a gamechanger for us with lasting, long-term business benefits that will help us adapt and respond to customer demands in record time.”

We have been truly blessed to work with leading edge partners like Teraflow and their customers to deliver significant public cloud transformations. And, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Teraflow to the HYCU family.

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