The Next Step in the HYCU Cloud Journey, HYCU for Azure

March 31, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of HYCU for Azure

our solution focused on fully simplifying Data Management for Microsoft Azure customers!

HYCU for Azure Dashboard
HYCU for Azure Dashboard

Most of you know about HYCU Protégé, our multi-cloud data management solution.

Now, we have extended HYCU Protégé to support Microsoft Azure.

In true HYCU fashion, we have built a purpose-built solution for Azure. If you are wondering what that means, here are a few things:

  1. The offering is built from the ground up on Azure, i.e. cloud native, to scale up and down like a true native service.
  2. Uses the same terminology as Azure to make it easy to learn.
  3. Leverages the native Snapshots and Clones to make it impact-free on applications.
  4. Has built-in intelligence to automatically choose the right Azure Storage BLOBs for the right class of service to deliver the most cost efficient data protection.
  5. Fully Integrated in Microsoft’s native Active Directory for fully secure and confident use of the solution.

With HYCU for Azure, customers can now leverage HYCU for the following data management needs with Microsoft Azure:

  1. Migrate Data to Azure and Spin them back down OnPrem as needed.
  2. Backup the Critical Apps and VMs on Azure once they are on Cloud.
  3. Leverage Microsoft Azure as a cost-effective, easy to use DR target for their critical workload running OnPrem.
  4. DR Applications and VMs running in one-region of Azure onto another region in case of a Disaster or business critical need.

The thing that pleases me the most is not just the breadth of the offering, but the simplicity and ease of use of the solution as well as the team behind it to support the customer in their Cloud Journey. Most customers are very weary when someone working for a company claims their solution is simple and easy. That is the one of the reasons I always tell our customers don’t listen to what I'm saying, just have a look yourself and then tell me what you think. I am pleased to let you know, that we have never disappointed a customer so far in this area.

Also, to do our part in helping the world cope with the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus crisis, we are offering HYCU’s capability to backup and recover apps and VMs on Azure at no charge for customers for the next three months. Please take advantage of this opportunity and rest assured that your data is safe.

If you want to try our solution for Azure and take advantage of three free months, please visit the Microsoft Azure marketplace and subscribe your own instance.

And in keeping with the day, Happy #WorldBackupDay!

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