Take Nutanix Mine with HYCU for a Test Drive

July 2, 2020

Experience Best-in-Class Integrated Backup

Whether it’s buying a new car or trying out new technology, there’s no substitute for first-hand experience during the evaluation process. And, while taking any new technology for a test drive sounds good, the devil is always in the details. Is the experience really translatable? Is it easy to try out? Can I schedule it on my terms? How much time do I need to block?

With this in mind we’re proud to announce that you can now experience Nutanix Mine with HYCU, our integrated and powerful backup solution, on Nutanix Test Drive.

Take Nutanix Mine with HYCU For a Spin 

Nutanix Mine with HYCU delivers on three distinct advantages that our customers were asking for - improved backup efficiency, easier data restores, and simplified management operations. This is of particular interest to our joint customers, as data volumes continue to grow and backup windows continue to shrink. 

Test Drive lets you try out Nutanix Mine with HYCU at your own pace and with nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser. No set-up or hardware required, the Test Drive offers in-depth access and hands-on experience via a pre-configured software trial. The guided tour and online tutorial provide all the details you need to navigate the Nutanix Mine with HYCU module. And, if you have questions along the way, connect with an expert through our online chat feature. Get ready to experience IT at a whole new level of simplicity!

Opening Doors To Modern Data Protection

Nutanix Mine with HYCU embodies the principle of bringing simplicity to environments that are looking to modernize their backup infrastructure. Like the Nutanix Mine with HYCU solution itself, the Test Drive launches easily and allows customers and partners to explore what it feels like to react quickly to ever-changing data protection business demands.

The true power of Nutanix Mine with HYCU comes from the tight integration between the two solutions. Mine couples the latest innovation from both companies, delivering core benefits of simplicity, scalability, and performance of the Nutanix HCI platform and the power of enterprise-grade backup features of HYCU, in one unified package. 

To get started, navigate to Nutanix Test Drive. Once logged in, you will be prompted for an option of your choice:

  • Deploy a dedicated secondary storage appliance.
  • Navigate the HYCU UI for various backup functionalities.
  • Navigate the backup and restore infrastructure--all in minutes with simple clicks.

Experiencing Nutanix Mine with HYCU through Test Drive simulates setting up backup policies and jobs, monitoring the health of your backup environment, and using an integrated dashboard to easily manage your backup infrastructure. The Test Drive gives you a glimpse of what companies like Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) enjoy with this solution.

When TMLP embarked on a new ERP rollout, Nutanix Mine with HYCU was a critical component in the full datacenter infrastructure refresh.

TMLP now has: 

  • Achieved new availability goals through redundancy and efficiency gains. 
  • Greatly improved testing and development data refresh times.
  • Decreased downtime recovery time objective (RTO) window by approximately 500% for the Generation Plant operations.
  • Reduced their RTO window to about 2 hours--down from 24 - 48 hrs

Simplifying data protection to experience the full lifecycle of backup operations, granular recovery, and cloud data management is now just a few clicks away.  See the power of this solution yourself anytime you like.  You can also ask questions and share your experience by joining the NEXT Test Drive Community. 

To learn more about Nutanix Mine, visit our site or write to us at: mine@nutanix.com

(This blog originally appeared on nutanix.com at the following link and is posted here with permission.)

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