Optimize your F5 BIG-IP license utilization with our new F5 BIG-IP MP v4.3

September 6, 2017

Today, I’m proud to announce we have just released version 4.3 of our F5 BIG-IP management pack. This release contains several awesome new features, some of which are:

Alert on multiple, consecutive failovers

Failovers are important events and if they happen multiple times in a short period of time it may indicate significant problems with configuration and could require F5 SME attention.

Device and virtual server traffic reports

Inbound and outbound traffic metrics are available for better data sharing and usage in automated scenarios reporting.

License usage alerts

By default, a critical alert will be created once either inbound or outbound traffic reaches license limitation. You can also customize these thresholds to better suit your environment.To get new version please contact Comtrade Software Support and request access to latest product version.If you are new and need a way to help monitor your F5 BIG-IP traffic and applications, you can access a new evaluation here.

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