Launch of New Backup and Recovery Solution for monday.com

Launch of New Backup and Recovery Solution for monday.com

July 9, 2024

HYCU is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Avisi, a monday.com app developer partner with thousands of downloads, to extend HYCU’s leading R-Cloud platform to provide automated backup and granular recovery for monday.com.

monday.com has revolutionized the way teams collaborate and manage their projects, tasks, and workflows. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, monday.com has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes across various industries. However, as with any critical business data, ensuring the security and recoverability of data for over 225,000 monday.com customers is of utmost importance.

Recognizing the need for robust data protection for this SaaS platform, Avisi has stepped up to the challenge by partnering with HYCU to make data protection for monday.com available on the HYCU R-Cloud Marketplace.   

As a leading provider of multi-cloud data backup and recovery solutions, HYCU was well positioned to extend its capabilities to the monday.com ecosystem. Through this groundbreaking partnership between HYCU and Avisi, monday.com users can safeguard their valuable data and quickly recover from any data loss scenario from simple human error to malicious actor. 

The HYCU R-Cloud module for monday.com will offer a range of key features and benefits, including: 

1.  Automated and scheduled backups: Easily set up regular backups of your monday.com data, ensuring that your information is always protected and up to date. 

Dashboard of HYCU Policy


2.   Granular recovery options: Restore individual items and subitems within workspaces or board with just a few clicks, minimizing downtime and data loss. 

HYCU restore screen of monday.com module

3.  Secure and compliant: HYCU's enterprise-grade security measures and compliance certifications provide peace of mind, knowing that your data is in safe hands. 

R-Graph graphic

4.   Simplified management: Manage your monday.com backups directly from the HYCU interface, streamlining your data protection workflows. 


monday.com backups inside HYCU interface


“We understand the critical role that monday.com plays in driving productivity and collaboration for teams worldwide. Accidental or malicious actions to change or delete data within monday.com will have immediate impact on productivity and revenue,” said Gert-Jan van de Streek, Founder and Owner of Avisi. “By partnering with HYCU, we are committed to delivering the highest level of data protection and recovery capabilities to the Monday.com community.”  

Want to see the HYCU R-Cloud module for monday.com, click below to see the video. Sign-up for a demo or trial today.  


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