HYCU Advances Data Protection for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

March 28, 2018

HYCU now protects Nutanix Files (formerly Nutanix AFS), Oracle and Non-Nutanix ESXi Environments with One-Click Simplicity

Today, we’re proud to announce a major milestone on our strategic path to support the adoption of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Now, with HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix, Nutanix admins are able to protect and manage data across both Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments with the same level of simplicity and application coverage that they have come to appreciate. HYCU has been at the forefront of supporting Nutanix’s innovations by delivering the first purpose-built data protection solution last June. Additionally, we are now proud to deliver the first purpose-built, scalable and efficient data protection solution for Nutanix Files (formerly Nutanix AFS).

Perhaps our CEO, Simon Taylor, said it best, “Customers are simplifying their infrastructure by moving to Nutanix for a one datacenter, one platform approach for multiple clouds. We believe it’s important for one data protection to support where IT needs to be, not just what IT can do today. It’s also about being complementary not supplementary. At HYCU, our value is focused on delivering the right level of integration with Nutanix to help customers leverage and accelerate the adoption of the innovation they continue to bring to market.”

HYCU data protection for Nutanix was designed to complement Nutanix data protection capabilities and eliminate unnecessary redundancy.

It allows customers to leverage key storage-specific capabilities, such as snapshots, clones, replicas, compression, and deduplication, to run on Nutanix while complementing it with agentless application data protection, recovery and application discovery features.

Key benefits of the new enhancements to HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix include:

  • Nutanix Files Backup and Recovery: nutanix Files users now have the first purpose-built data protection support for impact-free, agentless file-share backup. HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix leverages Nutanix Change File Tracking (CFT) APIs to perform impact free backup. With the new support, users can backup in a fraction of the time it takes for legacy backup. It also leverages the scale out function of HYCU and Nutanix Files to perform backups in parallel. Even the first full backup can be completely parallelized.
  • Deeper Application Coverage: In addition to supporting the most popular Microsoft Application stacks, HYCU has extended its application coverage to include Oracle databases. The unique design of HYCU enables applications to be supported across AHV, ESXi and standalone vSphere deployments.
  • Self-Service Recovery for Service Provider Use Cases: Service providers can now delegate backup and recovery tasks to level 1 helpdesk, tenant administrators, individual VM or application owners. In addition, service providers also have the ability to license on a per VM basis. For service providers that are delivering data protection-as-a-service, this makes HYCU extremely attractive.
  • Non-Nutanix VMware vSphere Backup: Customers can now extend HYCU’s simplicity to protect ESXi environments running on non-Nutanix architectures. The ability to protect Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments with HYCU enables customers to seamlessly and gradually move applications and virtual machines to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and leverage Nutanix from day 1 for application test and development expansion.

A3, a managed services provider in Sweden, has a mix of VMware and AHV with 700 VMs running across 16 Nutanix nodes. For Mattias Sundling , business unit manager at A3, the latest enhancements to HYCU are significant, “We’ve been using HYCU since it launched as it follows the Nutanix UI and ease of use model. We continue to be impressed by the speed of development and how open they are to customer feedback. Our virtual environment is growing rapidly and we rely on a solution that can handle scalability, performance and reliability. I am excited to see the direction HYCU is evolving for Nutanix innovation like Nutanix Files support and continued improvement for deeper application coverage for Microsoft like AD authentication for admins and tenants, one of the new features in HYCU 3.0.”

We continue to be pleased with the market reception for HYCU.

As George Crump, Chief Steward at Storage Switzerland mentioned, “Without the right data protection solution, hyperconvergence doesn’t make sense, yet many of these modern platforms count on legacy backup products to provide data protection. The problem is most legacy data protection solutions exist outside the hyper-converged environment, which reintroduces complexity and duplicates many of the capabilities of the hyper-converged software. HYCU lives in the Nutanix ecosystem and leverages its powerful capabilities extending them to create a complete but simple data protection solution. For that reason alone, HYCU should be a serious consideration for any Nutanix user.”

HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix is currently available for purchase worldwide through HYCU partners.

List pricing starts at $1,500/socket. Subscription-based, per VM pricing is also available for enterprises and service providers.

Since its introduction, HYCU has been deployed by more than 300 customers and partners across twenty countries worldwide. To learn more about HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix, I encourage you to visit www.hycu.com and check out our new look and feel! Also, you can follow us on social channels at @HYCUInc and LinkedIn.

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