Announcing HYCU Protégé for AWS
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Announcing HYCU Protégé for AWS

December 2, 2021

I am very happy to share the news that we announced HYCU Protégé for AWS

on Tuesday, Nov. 30 and began previewing the solution at AWS re: Invent 2021. With this latest solution, now our HYCU Protégé platform can protect customers data in all of the three major public clouds and it completes our customers' on-premises data protection environments.

Current HYCU partners and customers and the people who have engaged with HYCU know very well that that when we at HYCU decide to invest in a platform, our goal is to go deep in the platform and not do a “me too integration.” That is exactly what we have done with AWS too.

(Accessing HYCU Protégé for AWS is as easy as loggin-in)

As all of us know, AWS is a pioneer in the public cloud space and a powerhouse.

HYCU has supported AWS as a backup target for our customers for more than four years now and we have hundreds of customers using AWS as a backup target. In addition, we also started supporting Nutanix Clusters on AWS more than a year ago and we also support VMware on AWS.


What we have heard from many of our customers is to extend our support AWS to provide the following capabilities:

  1. The ability to do lift and shift of the on-prem workloads onto AWS
  2. The ability to protect the workloads on AWS with the same HYCU simplicity
  3. The ability to leverage AWS as a DR target for their on-prem workloads
  4. The ability to DR from one region on AWS to another.
An image showing virtual machines doing granular restore
(Easily discover all your instances on AWS and their data protection status from one unified view)

These are exactly the same set of capabilities we announced on Tuesday with HYCU Protégé for AWS. One common question that I often hear is,

“What is special about your solution and aren’t there already many solutions available for AWS?”

Here's the answer I provide and what the top seven key capabilities of HYCU Protégé for AWS that customers and partners should seriously consider. 

  1. True SaaS: Unlike many of the traditional on-prem style solutions running on AWS, HYCU is a true SaaS. What makes HYCU a true SaaS?
  2. Subscribe and use what you want. Run as long as you want. Stop anytime you want especially if you don’t need to.
  3. Pay for just what you use
  4. No need for any commitments
  5. Elastic Scale: When in Cloud, use a cloud-native solution. We strongly encourage customers to use a cloud-native solution to make sure you don’t spoil the experience of the cloud with a cloud-washed solution. Any solution that starts asking you to do a sizing exercise before deployment or when you change your infrastructure by definition is not a cloud-native solution.
  6. Impact-Free Application Protection: As all of us know, protecting applications is critical and we also know that impacting performance of applications during backup is an absolute no-no. HYCU makes sure that all of the applications that are backed up are application consistent and also impact-free. Why is this important? It enables teams to increase the frequency of backups and thus reduce the Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
  7. Own your data: One thing that customers worry about the most in cloud is data security. HYCU fundamentally believes that customers should have control of the data all the time and it should never impact the customers’ projects. Unlike traditional backup applications that take data out of customers projects, HYCU keeps the backup data on segmented infrastructure within any customers control. No one outside the customer’s Identity Management has access to the data.
  8. Cloud Intelligence and Platform Integration: Clouds provide customers the agility they require, but if used without understanding the cloud characteristics and what they charge, the costs will easily be out-of-whack. A simple example of this is the following. If you have your infrastructure in New York and backup data in Singapore, you will pay egress charges even if all of the data movement is within AWS. Cloud washed solutions will be oblivious to this. HYCU understands all of the cloud regions, egress charges, compute charges, storage tiers, storage snapshots, cloning, identity management and more to not just integrate with each, but leverage them to the most optimal level so that customers don’t have to spend time optimizing. 
  9. Multi-tenant and Service Provider Ready: Self-service is the name of the game not just within enterprise organizations, but also for service providers. In all cases, they want to make sure the end-users are able to leverage the data as they need it when they need it, but at the same time provide enough guard rails to keep the data safe. That is exactly what HYCU provides.
  10. Multi-cloud support: While all customers would love to have all of the data in only one cloud, the practical reality of life is that customers have to deal with multiple clouds and at a minimum, on-prem and one public cloud. HYCU provides a unified way for customers to manage across all clouds without having to lose the value in each of the platforms they choose.

This is a milestone moment for HYCU. And, one of many significant firsts for 2021. After seeing the reaction at AWS re: Invent and talking to a number of customers, partners and prospects, it's yet another affirmation that what we are doing at HYCU is fundamentally different. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me directly at subbiah.sundaram@hycu.com or just send an email to info@hycu.com.

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