All You Need to Know About HYCU for Google Cloud in 60 Seconds

March 12, 2021

In the third of our series of videos, Tanja Tomic, Senior Demand Gen Manager, sits down with Marko Ljubanovic, Director of Global Systems Engineering, to discuss HYCU for Google Cloud in 60 seconds.

Why HYCU for Google Cloud?

Marko answers the questions we typically hear from customers and prospects alike, in a minute. Here they are:

  • What is HYCU for Google Cloud?
  • Doesn't Google already backup your data automatically?
  • What does this mean "as a service?"
  • What can I protect in Google Cloud using HYCU?
  • Where is my backup data stored?
  • Do you protect me against ransomware?
  • Do you integrate with Google Identity Manager?
  • Does HYCU for Google Cloud scale?
  • What else can you automate?
  • Where can I get HYCU for Google Cloud?


Join us next Friday as we share more about backup as a service with 60 seconds on HYCU for Azure Cloud! And, you won't want to miss our homage to what many would argue is the most important day of the year, World Backup Day! Yes, there is indeed a day where we can all celebrate innovations and best practices in backup! You can learn more about HYCU for Google Cloud along with all our solutions by reaching out to us at info@hycu.com or give us a try at TryHYCU

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