All You Need to Know About HYCU for Azure Cloud in 60 Seconds

March 19, 2021

In the fourth of our series of videos, Tanja Tomic, Senior Demand Gen Manager, sits down with Marko Ljubanovic, Director of Global Systems Engineering, to discuss HYCU for Azure Cloud in 60 seconds.

What is HYCU for Azure Cloud?

Tanja fires away with the tough questions and Marko shares the answers in his own inimitable fashion. All in a minute. Here the questions:

  • What is HYCU for Azure Cloud?
  • Explain as a service?
  • What can I protect in Azure Cloud using HYCU?
  • Does HYCU handle application consistency?
  • Where is my backup data stored?
  • Do you integrate with Azure Active Directory?
  • Does HYCU cloud scale?
  • Does HYCU provide incrementals forever?
  • In what special way?
  • You protect my VM on-prem, can you protect to Azure Cloud?
  • Can you use this for disaster recovery?
  • Where can I get HYCU for Azure Cloud?

Join us next Friday as we share more about World Backup Day, all in 60 seconds! For many of us, this is indeed a day to celebrate all the innovations and best practices in backup! You can learn more about HYCU for Azure Cloud along with all our solutions by reaching out to us at info@hycu.com or give us a try at TryHYCU

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Director, Global Systems Engineering

Marko Ljubanovic, Director, Global Systems Engineering. Marko is the director of global systems engineering at HYCU. For more than 15 years, his focus has been on design and support for next-generation data protection, multi-cloud, backup and recovery to companies worldwide. Prior to HYCU, he held pre-sales, project management and technical team leadership positions at Comtrade Software and Hermes Softlab. When not solving the hardest technology challenges, you can find Marko enjoying the surf with friends and family. He holds a BSc in Information Technology from the University of Ljubljana.

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