Automated backup & granular restore for Google CloudSQL

1-click native backup & rapid, granular database restore for Google CloudSQL – No hassle. No scripts. Complete protection.


Minimize the risk of data loss and downtime with native backup & restore for Google CloudSQL

Safeguard your CloudSQL instance from accidental deletions, corruption, and ransomware attacks with secure, reliable backup and restore for CloudSQL. HYCU Protégé delivers cloud-native data protection for CloudSQL that integrates seamlessly with

Simple, automated management – no scripts required

1-click restore of individual databases or entire instances

1 service to see, manage and protect all Google Cloud workloads

Complete peace of mind with automated protection of your Jira data


Shockingly simple cloud-native backup and restore for Google CloudSQL

Set up automated, policy-driven backups in minutes

  • Automated backups can be set up in minutes with built-in, customizable policies
  • Easily define RPO and RTO to meet retention goals
  • Automated backups run 24x7 for complete peace of mind

HYCU R-Graph, a network map of all your SaaS backup and protection status.

Rapid restore of single database or entire instance in just one click

  • Quickly locate and restore any CloudSQL database or instance with search and restore functionality
  • Granular restore options enable you to select individual databases for restore or an entire instance

HYCU Protégé for SaaS applications backup and recovery live status dashboard with a graph of applications by team, backup policies, targets, and pie charts of recoverable items.

One service to see, manage and protect all Google Cloud workloads

  • Manage backup & restore for your entire Google estate from one interface
  • Integrated protection for Google Compute Engine, Google CloudSQL, Google BigQuery, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud VMware Engine and even Google Workspace
HYCU Protégé Backup for SaaS policy table with compliance, protection, and discovery status markers.

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  • 1-click granular database restore
  • Automated ‘set and forget’ backups plus
  • 24/7 notifications, reporting and logging

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