New at HYCU: March 2023
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

New at HYCU: March 2023

March 6, 2023

Helping HYCU Protégé Customers Minimize Downtime and Safeguard Against Data Loss Without the Complexity and Frustrations

The latest version of HYCU Protégé is now available and includes new VMware integrations and capabilities!

By extending our comprehensive data protection platform, this latest release brings support for VMware vSAN and Virtual Volumes (vVols), VMware vSphere 8, and Net App ONTAP file share protection capability – giving you more bang for your buck, and without the complexity. Let’s take a deeper dive into these new features and see how they can make your data protection easier and more efficient.

VMware vSAN and vVols Support

With VMware vSAN providing organizations with agility in the modern hybrid-cloud, protecting this data is critical. With seamless integration into the public cloud, combined with simplicity, HYCU now provides the capability to comfortably protect VSAN and vVols, ensuring comprehensive protection of your entire virtualized environment – with ease.  

If the cluster supports vSAN/vVols, the snapshots will now be indicated and available

Purpose-built for VMware with storage level snapshot integration, and with no reconfiguration changes or user intervention required, you can now easily protect data presented as vSAN and vVols on-premises or in the public cloud, and rapidly recover it when needed - giving you peace of mind that your data is secure and readily recoverable with HYCU.

VMware vSphere 8 Support

HYCU Protégé also brings support for VMware vSphere 8, the latest version of VMware's virtualization platform. You can continue to use the latest and greatest from VMware, combined with the same HYCU benefits – all with the added assurance that everything is 100% compatible. You can continue to use instant VM recovery to the public cloud, ensuring rapid disaster recovery and minimal downtime from ransomware attacks.  

NetApp ONTAP File Share Protection Capability

HYCU Protégé now includes NetApp ONTAP file share protection capability. As a NetApp ONTAP user, you'll be happy to know that your business-critical data residing on file shares can now be protected against any rapidly emerging threats, such as ransomware or malware. With the same platform capability of immutable, air-gapped backups and WORM storage support, you can rest confidently knowing that your file share data is safe and recoverable from any and all threats. Traditionally, ensuring complete protection of files was a labored effort, but with the simplicity and lightweight design of HYCU Protégé, you can protect your file shares by seamlessly leveraging NetApp snapshots without the overhead of any additional plugins or agents. This is the same level of comprehensive file share protection Nutanix and Dell PowerScale (Isilon) users currently experience today.  

Adding a generic file share

Not leveraging snapshot technology for file shares? No need to worry. Utilizing SMB or NFS protocol, HYCU Protégé provides the same comprehensive protection of generic file shares with the same simplified user experience.

In addition to these new capabilities, HYCU Protégé for VMware users can still enjoy a purpose-built, application-centric, and agentless data protection solution. With a simple way to see, manage and protect all mission-critical data across hybrid, and multi-cloud environments – including VMware workloads running in public clouds - HYCU Protégé users can continue to comprehensively protect their VMware environment, take advantage of cost-effective DR to the cloud, and freely migrate between on-premises and public clouds without any unnecessary frustration.

Are you ready to start using the latest version of HCYU Protégé? It's easier than you might think - you’ll be up and running in minutes, all without the hassle of agents, proxies, or additional hardware. With added support for VMware vSAN and vVols, VMware vSphere 8, and file share protection capability, sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits that come with HCYU Protégé, and rest easy knowing that your data is protected, secure, and easily recoverable.

For more information about this latest update, please visit www.hycu.com/new


Author: Simon Gilbert, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HYCU

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