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Secure Your Okta Environment Like Never Before with HYCU

Don’t Just Back Up, Fight Back Against Ransomware!

HYCU for Okta is the industry’s first and only solution to combine comprehensive backup and recovery with built-in visualization of your data estate to deliver unparalleled data security and compliance.

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Essential visibility and protection for any organization leveraging Okta in complex data environments.

Why customers love HYCU for Okta.

Guaranteed compliance.

Stay ahead of stringent data regulations
with proven compliance assurance.

Proactively identify
security risks.

Map out your data estate, quickly see at risk apps, and secure unprotected SaaS apps against ransomware threats in just a few clicks.

Rapid, granular

One-click restoration of encrypted or deleted Okta data at the organization and entity level.

Security Experts Endorse HYCU.

Program Benefits.

Visualize your data estate & identify security risks.

Quickly discover and visualize all cloud services & SaaS apps your business is using, and easily see applications at higher risk due to gaps in protection.

Avoid data loss & maintain business continuity.

HYCU is your "undo" button to quickly revert unwanted changes or deletions to the last known good state. Instantly restore and entire Okta org, or restore granular data or configurationat the entity level in just a few clicks.

Ransomware-proof your data.

Keep immutable, air-gapped copies of your data available to recover from any cyber-attack. In the event of a ransomware attack, data protected by HYCU will be impenetrable and recoverable.

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Gain peace of mind.

Whether you experience a cyber attack, an outage or an accidental deletion, rest easy with peace of mind that your data will be safe and recoverable with you need it.

Bring your Okta data to life.

- Get a clear view of your organization’s cloud services and SaaS applications.
- Quickly identify critical apps without native backup and protection.
- Assess the risk and protection status of your organization’s applications.

1-click selective restore of Okta organizations, groups, policies, and more.

- Full recovery of Okta organizations or selective restore at the entity level – including configuration.
- Quickly identify and restore specific entities with search and restore capabilities.
- Instant, on-demand recovery with a single click.

Secure backups, automated &

- Set up policy-driven backups with defined RPO, RTO and retentiongoals that run 24/7, or initiate on-demand backups with a single click.
- Enable immutable (WORM), air-gapped storage for added security.
- Store a copy of your data offsite in your preferred cloud and select your data retention window to adhere to industry or regional compliance standards.

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