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For Intuit Technologies, the leading Australian managed service provider, Ben Sharp ensures his data center is running smoothly and meets his client’s SLAs with HYCU and Nutanix.


Jamie Trujillo, CIO at GOAL Academy, uses Nutanix and HYCU to protect and manage data for 35 school locations, 4,000 kids, 250 faculty and more than 5,000 endpoint devices.


Mattias Sundling, Head of Data Center and Cloud Services for A3, an ISP in Sweden, provides internal and cloud services that are fast, reliable and easy to use for his customers. HYCU and Nutanix are integral for that to happen.


Chris Evans, an analyst, blogger and IT consultant with over 30 years of commercial experience, understands that you need to treat backup differently for hyper-converged infrastructure.


Jose Bellas, CIO at University Health, uses Nutanix and HYCU to support his data warehouse. Both to help him crunch data and make it actionable.

It feels almost like it’s a Nutanix product - same look and feel. We’re used to having really great products from Nutanix and their support is one of the best in the industry...HYCU is on that same path”

Mattias Sundling

Head of Data Center and Cloud Services at A3

Case Studies

Seminary-case-study CASE STUDY

HYCU gives seminary a degree in cost savings

To serve its students and faculty both on-campus and online, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has a robust IT infrastructure that includes terabytes of data it needs to protect.


Improving the Patient Experience in the “New Normal

As the practice of healthcare becomes increasingly data-centric, Delaware Valley Community Health was finding that its legacy IT environment couldn’t keep pace with the needs of the health system and its providers.

key-criteria CASE STUDY

Key Criteria for Evaluating Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

HYCU provides an innovative approach to data protection, combining efficiency and ease of use thanks to a set of purpose-built, specifically designed tools integrated skillfully with the environments they protect.

bank-of-Stockton CASE STUDY

HYCU Improves Backup Fitness for a Sporting Goods Leader

Nencini Sport’s technology solution partner, Ergon Mediasecure, suggested they take a look at HYCU. Ferrigno was impressed by HYCU’s tight integration with Nutanix AHV, including a familiar, Prism-like interface that simplifies management of the company’s entire backup and restore infrastructure.


HYCU Gives Innovative Manufacturer A New Backup Vision

Faced with a daunting challenge to replace an aging VMware environment and storage resources from multiple vendors with a future-ready infrastructure to support rapid growth, the company chose Nutanix and HYCU.

hycu-provides CASE STUDY

HYCU Provides Easy to Use and Efficient Backup for Service Provider

Since 2005, ICM has offered hosting services, from the “golden age” of colocation servers to today’s multi-cloud based IT environments, the company has worked to deliver the right multi-tenant solution. The company uses a Nutanix production cluster as the foundation to help migrate from physical servers to virtual machines. External backups had been stored in dedicated storage arrays and on cloud storage.

casestudy CASE STUDY

California Bank Enhances Customer Experience and Compliance with HYCU and Nutanix

Leading Bank chose HYCU for Nutanix to help ensure it could meet its backup window timeframes and recovery objectives for its critical data.

casestudy CASE STUDY

US Tax Collector Enhances Data Availability with HYCU and Nutanix

When the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office needed a backup and recovery solution to support its move to Nutanix, they chose HYCU.

casestudy CASE STUDY

French catering company discovers the recipe for faster backups: HYCU

When this French food service company chose to go 100% Nutanix to compete more effectively, they chose HYCU.

casestudy CASE STUDY

HYCU Transforms Nutanix Backup Efficiency and Simplicity for Risk Management Company

For this financial services company, they chose HYCU to take full advantage of what Nutanix had to offer.

Ransomware-Case-study CASE STUDY

An Anatomy of Responding to and Surviving a Ransomware Attack

A large, professional services firm found out just how insidious ransomware has become. Only through the use of HYCU and the efforts of HYCU’s support team did his firm recover from this nearly devastating ransomware attack.

HYCU-Steel-and-Pipes CASE STUDY

HYCU provides industrial-strength backup for steel products company

To reduce complexity and cost, Steel and Pipes, Inc. chose Nutanix due to its simplicity and flexibility. For backup and recovery, they chose HYCU after searching for a solution as simple and reliable as Nutanix itself.

phonect CASE STUDY

A Statewide Healthcare Organization Prescribes HYCU for Backup and Recovery

To improve performance and take advantage of the flexibility of its Nutanix AHV investment, Coastal Medical decided they needed something different than their legacy backup software solution, choosing HYCU.

phonect CASE STUDY

Mobile voice services provider makes the right call with HYCU for Nutanix

In an effort to improve storage scalability and future-proof its IT infrastructure, Phonect migrated from VMware to Nutanix with Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV).

casestudy CASE STUDY

Leading Australian Hosting Provider Delivers Superior Data Protection on Nutanix with HYCU

Intuit were looking for a backup and recovery solution that was as simple and powerful as Nutanix and that would work seamlessly with Nutanix AHV. The choice was simple.

casestudy CASE STUDY

Leading Dutch College Delivers Smart, Cost Effective Data Protection on Nutanix with HYCU for Nutanix

Having moved their IT infrastructure to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Albeda College were looking for a backup product that matched the efficiency and resiliency of their new system.

casestudy CASE STUDY

Australian independent Catholic school discovers ultimate backup and restore simplicity with HYCU

Chevalier chose HYCU to speed up, simplify and handle all backup and recovery of its Nutanix environment.

casestudy CASE STUDY

Australian Integration Services Provider Slashes Backup and Recovery Times with Nutanix and HYCU

A large healthcare services organization needed a solution that was simple to manage, ultra-reliable and cost-effective. They chose HYCU.


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