Cloud Based Monitoring and Analytics for Nutanix

Cloud Based Monitoring and Analytics for Nutanix

Cloud Based Monitoring and Analytics for Nutanix


Cloud Based Monitoring and Analytics for Nutanix


Cloud-based monitoring and analytics for Nutanix.

HYCU OMS Solution for Nutanix is a solution that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) and extends your existing investments into the cloud.

It provides extensive features for monitoring, event and log analytics for Nutanix:

  • Acts as a central point for Nutanix log and event collection and analytics to enable correlation of Nutanix log files across CVMs, which speed up pinpointing issues for Nutanix/IT admins
  • Provides historical Nutanix performance metrics like cluster/host/storage/ VM latency, IOPS and resource utilization, which are used to define threshold-based alerts.
  • Enables instant identification of Nutanix hosts that run a lot of VMs and identification of host that are much less loaded, which enables Nutanix admins to migrate the VMs to less loaded hosts for balancing the load and preventing performance bottlenecks.
  • Enables central collection of Nutanix alerts that originate from multiple Nutanix clusters and allows alerts’ analytics.
  • Pinpoints idle VMs or VMs that are powered off or suspended for a longer period of time and can be deleted to free the Nutanix storage resources they occupy.

From a technical perspective

HYCU OMS Solution for Nutanix uses sophisticated Data Collector, which is installed on a Linux system. Data Collector connects to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform using Nutanix REST API and sends collected performance data to OMS by using its HTTP Data Collector API. Data Collector also acts as a syslog server, which forwards Nutanix syslog messages to OMS.

Nutanix Cloud

Centralize collection and correlate log files

Manually analyzing log files from individual Nutanix nodes (CVMs) when troubleshooting issues and correlating data from different log files is time consuming.

By using syslog client functionality on CVMs to forward syslog messages to OMS and its Log Analytics, IT admins can avoid manual browsing of log files on individual CVMs and use OMS Log Analytics instead.

Pinpoint configuration changes

Collecting alerts and events from individual Nutanix clusters is time consuming, difficult to correlate and provides no clear overview.

Combination of event analytics, log analytics, performance charts and alerts, provides a possibility to pinpoint specific configuration changes that caused Nutanix performance improvements or degradation or specific alerts.

Oversee resource utilization and performance

Historical resource consumption information and trends are needed to properly size the Nutanix environment and forecast its future resource needs.

Historical performance and utilization trend charts for CPU/memory usage, storage utilization, latency, IOPS, and so on. for clusters, hardware, storage and VMs provide identification of resource bottlenecks and right sizing of Nutanix environment.

Identify overloaded hosts and clusters to avoid performance bottlenecks

Identification of overloaded and less loaded hosts and clusters to enable migration of VMs from overloaded hosts/clusters to underloaded for better performances.

Hardware view provides hosts’ performance metrics and queries which help identifying overloaded and underloaded hosts and clusters, such as information on number of VMs per Nutanix host in the cluster and identification of top hosts by utilization. This helps you determine if some VMs should be moved to less utilized hosts or clusters.