Exciting Update: HYCU Deepens Integration with Dell PowerProtect Solutions

Exciting Update: HYCU Deepens Integration with Dell PowerProtect Solutions

May 20, 2024

We're thrilled to share some exciting developments here at HYCU! We're embarking on an exciting journey that significantly expands the reach and applicability of our solutions to thousands of new customers globally!

Our collaboration with Dell has been flourishing for several years. We've been supporting Dell PowerProtect appliances from the very beginning of our company. Our solutions are widely used across a range of Dell Technologies infrastructure, including Dell PowerScale, Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage, Dell PowerEdge servers, and the XCSeries


We're excited to enhance our support with compatibility with Dell PowerProtect Data Domain and DD Boost software. This integration enables HYCU to utilize the highly optimized protocol that significantly improves data transfer and efficiency between the backup service and storage systems. Whether it is a virtual or physical PowerProtect Data Domain offering, customers can achieve faster backups, increased security, reduced network traffic, and lower resource usage with cataloging, indexing, and worker nodes. This architecture will reduce customers’ data protection footprint significantly. It will allow for greater scalability with major cost savings and a quicker return on investment.


“The introduction of HYCU into the PowerProtect Data Domain ecosystem expands our solution capabilities,” said David Noy, VP of Data Protection Product Management, Dell Technologies.“ The new HYCU integration with DD Boost software allows customers to more efficiently protect heterogeneous on-premises, multicloud, and SaaS workloads.”


Our focus on deep integration ensures that customers benefit from our patented application awareness, agentless, driverless architecture with built-in multi-tenancy, and scalable management capabilities. These features facilitate seamless management of multiple data sources and easy migrations across different clouds and on or off-premises hypervisors. 

As the tech landscape evolves, particularly with changes among hypervisor vendors, many organizations are reassessing their infrastructure strategies. With the growing prominence of Microsoft Azure in enterprise settings, we are delighted to announce native support for Azure Stack HCI. As a result, HYCU can protect and run on Dell Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack Hub.

Today, the average enterprise utilizes more than 200+ SaaS applications, adding complexity to their data management needs. Last year, we introduced HYCU R-Cloud, a groundbreaking data protection solution that scales to meet any size requirement and supports over 70 different data types,including platforms like Atlassian, Okta, Salesforce, and Monday.com, and many more. We're now enabling enterprises to maintain control over their SaaS data,whether stored on-premises or with an MSP using Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage. 

With HYCU and Dell, you can protect your dev, stage, production, and restoration environments. It can be with traditional, hyper-converged, archive, SaaS object and next-generation workloads all with ease. More updates are on the way, and they are currently in controlled release with select partners and customers. The capabilities we discuss here will be generally available before end of June 2024. For those interested in exploring these new capabilities, please contact us at info@hycu.com or visit tryhycu.com or meet us at Dell Technologies World at Booth 1001.

Author: Simon Taylor, Founder and CEO, HYCU

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