Find out about three Things Unexpected Traffic on F5 Devices Can Tell You in this blog post.

Three Things Unexpected Traffic on F5 Devices Can Tell You

September 18, 2018

As our customers notice, user behavior in business applications usually follows certain patterns, which can be observed in terms of connection rates, number of connections in time and data transfer. For example, users start connecting at certain times in the morning and tend to work with applications during defined business hours, which is reflected by a certain number of connections and a number of active connections remains in some range. If user behavior, which is detected on BIG-IP devices differs from what is expected, it can indicate that a user’s experience with specific applications may not be optimal and IT will have to address those situations.

From our experience, application owners and IT administrators need to be notified about the following situations:

  • Changes in User Connections: User connections and new connections are below the expected number during business hours, this can indicate, that users cannot connect to application because of network or application issues. Below is an example of such situation as it can be observed in BIG-IP user interface.
  • Higher than Expected Number of Connections: With an extraordinarily high number of connections, it may be that an application is under attack and appropriate actions to stop it have to be taken.
  • Changes in User Behavior: Extraordinarily high number of connections can be normal in certain cases or it can indicate that user behavior has changed. In those cases, information about events can proactively alert us to verify that all systems are properly configured to support such user activity and offer optimal application performance to users.
Three Things Unexpected Traffic on F5 Devices Can Tell You

We designed HYCU SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP to help promptly detect events that can influence optimal application delivery with F5 BIG-IP to allow you to take appropriate actions to ensure the best user experience. If you need any more information or would like to hear about our product benefits or discuss your monitoring needs, contact us at info@hycu.com, or you can download a 45-day free trial with the full feature set to experience it first hand.

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