Simplifying Multi-cloud Data Management: Announcing GA of HYCU Protégé

December 11, 2019

We at HYCU are excited to announce the general availability of HYCU Protégé.

This marks the next step in our evolution as company. So far we have delivered purpose-built data protection solutions for both on-premises and public cloud platforms, like Nutanix, VMware and Google Cloud Platform.

With the general availability of HYCU Protégé, we are now entering the true multi-cloud data management space for our customers.

From a capability perspective, HYCU Protégé allows customers to have a single pane of glass for consolidated management or data across clouds, application consistent data migration and disaster recovery (DR). HYCU Protégé leverages our purpose-built data protection services that run on each on-premises and public cloud platform to make sure the solution is extremely easy to adopt and cost-efficient.

With the introduction of HYCU Protégé, now companies can truly have a single pane of glass to manage their entire multi-cloud data without having to give up the benefits of HYCU’s purpose-built platform based solution. While this solution delivery method is fundamentally a new approach to a traditional platform-first delivery model embraced by traditional data protection vendors, we believe this allows customers to treat data protection as a service of the platform and use HYCU Protégé to manage across each. We call this empowerment of the customer: Your data being managed the way you want it, in your cloud of choice with a solution that makes it yours to control.

HYCU Protege

People ask us what was the inspiration behind HYCU Protégé?

We fundamentally believe that the current solutions in the market are too complex, treat the platforms like dumb disks or servers and are too expensive. We are glad to report that we have made progress in each one of our objectives.

With the release of HYCU Protégé we provide the following benefits:

  • Full Application Recovery: There are no issues with partially-recovered applications. HYCU sees through VMs to discover where every application is running and make sure every migration, application staging or DR is fully application consistent and recoverable.
  • Fully Protected Data Migration for Stress-free Self Service: Now, when organizations migrate applications from one cloud to another, data is application consistent, and there is always a backup copy ready in case a migration does not turn out the way it was intended. HYCU makes this a one-click operation. It can do on-demand migration or can perform staged migration – all with just a click of a button. Additionally, HYCU’s self-service portal empowers application owners to create new instances of near production copies on the cloud for test/dev, reporting or for new production instances – all with zero training or extra education required.
  • 1-Click Application Disaster Recovery (DR): For disaster recovery purposes, HYCU makes sure the failover data is application consistent and users get to choose which point-in-time they want to failover to. All with 1-click simplicity.
  • Ensure Service Level Object (SLO) Compliance across Multiple Clouds: Even though data is spread across multiple clouds, HYCU ensures managing data protection and DR compliance across clouds is no longer complex and is available anywhere and anytime.
  • No Additional Infrastructure or Software Required: HYCU’s featherweight infrastructure delivers tangible savings. HYCU runs as a virtual instance and as a service on any cloud. With HYCU, you run the HYCU software on the cloud only when the actual Failover or Migration onto the cloud happens. Whereas, with other solutions, you need to run infrastructure 24x7 to capture the data coming from the on-premises infrastructure and to create a staging area. In some cases, with other solutions, you will also have to run the base infrastructure to even run the cloud instance. With HYCU none of that applies. This in turn can save customers at least 50 percent of their infrastructure spend.

If you are interested in giving HYCU Protégé a spin, please send a note to info@hycu.com. We are positive that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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