Application Aware, Intelligent Backup and Recovery for VMware

Ready-to-roll intelligent application data protection, raises the simplicity bar & provides data mobility
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Choosing and making the right choice for Application Aware, Intelligent backup and recovery for your VMware clusters has never been simpler.


Improve on the Promise

The only Application Aware, light weight data protection solution for VMware. Not only does it preserve your simplicity with intuitive UI, but it is the only software that automates the SLOs for safe delivery of the promise to the business.

Done Before You Know It

With HYCU’s Intuitive Interface built for the Cloud Admin, and extensive automation, there’s no hassle from the get-go. Learn it in less than four minutes, deploy in three and recover in two.

100% Application Focus

No more partially-recovered applications. HYCU sees through VMs to discover where every application is running, initiates single-click backup and automates application-specific recovery workflows.

Stress-Free Backup and Recovery

Our self-service portal empowers application owners to quickly backup and recover application data. And with our error-proof tools, and backup to cloud and NAS, you’ll all rest easy.

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