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August 3, 2017

The ultimate goal of application delivery is providing a secure and always-on application access for internal end-users and/or customers, while optimally using company resources and extracting operational intelligence for business optimizations.

Reaching this goal is not simple. Many variables affect application delivery:

  • Cyber-attacks are on the rise and attacks are getting more sophisticated every day
  • Applications are getting more complex by tying together many internal and external services
  • Changes are happening at the infrastructure level with hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined everything

To sum up, the environment is changing daily. Technologies are being replaced and operating procedures are optimized at all levels (infrastructure, applications…). Companies are looking into a real-time analytics for new business opportunities and ideas, as well as for signs of future problems.

How can we protect our applications?

Without the proper understanding of what is happening in every part of the application delivery stack, the entire business can be at risk. Good news is that there are many advanced tools to help you when it comes to fighting these operational challenges.

With advanced monitoring solutions, you can easily understand how application stack components interact. You can identify potential issues before they become problems, easily identify the root cause of problems, and integrate with other systems for automatic ticket creation and corrective actions.

Further on, advanced orchestration tools can use inputs from monitoring to initiate complex “recovery scripts” to protect your application delivery, and with open API’s your application developers can easily write those scripts.

After all, they know their application best. To learn more check out the webinar.

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