SCOM and/or OMS? What is what?

June 2, 2017

I just came back from the F5 Forum Paris, another great event for the F5 customers and partners. The F5 team France made a great job of connecting customers with solution providers. We had so many interesting conversations with the customers and there was one question being repeated frequently:

What is the role of the SCOM now when the OMS is available and rapidly evolving?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is not difficult. The SCOM is best when it comes to monitoring. Aside from being a monitoring platform, it is also excellent when it comes to integration and automation. While the SCOM does have DWH too, coupled with reporting and analysis services, serves as a basic analytics platform, this really is not where the SCOM shines.

This is where the OMS takes the stage. By saving data to cloud-based OMS, you really stop thinking about storage and especially wasting it in your data center. You get speed for ad-hoc and predefined analysis and you get beautiful dashboards to observe the findings.

The SCOM for monitoring and integrations, and the OMS for analysis over a large set of data (i.e. security compliance) is what, in my opinion, makes the great mix! What do you think?

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