SCOM and OMS - Double trouble or double benefit?

June 8, 2017

No trouble at all. It’s an opportunity, a benefit and a life savior when it comes to monitoring your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud environment.

We have all been there when a heartbeat goes up: storage pools run out of space, applications and databases crash or servers begin to crawl for no apparent reasons. In those cases, monitoring the entire application delivery stack and ability to nail down root causes, are truly important.

Operations Management Suite (OMS) is not a competitor for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), it actually complements your SCOM deployment. Despite being around for a long time, I strongly believe SCOM will remain the key monitoring platform used by many enterprises globally. But the world is changing and the Microsoft strategy is changing along with it, focusing on cloud and mobile first.

To support the Microsoft’s strategy, Comtrade Software has created OMS Solution for Nutanix, so that you can extend monitoring capabilities and start exploring all the benefits of OMS platform.

You can choose OMS as a standalone monitoring tool if SCOM is not an option for you. And the best thing is, you can start monitoring your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud in less than 30 minutes – this is all the time it takes to install data collector service, to create free Azure account and deploy Nutanix solutions into your OMS workspace.

Are SCOM and OMS a perfect monitoring couple?

Both Nutanix monitoring solutions were developed to help you monitor and troubleshoot critical business workloads running on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

They share a lot of common features, but they are also different in many ways. The most important differences are:

  • Visualization of data (dashboards/views, reports, etc.)
  • Ease of searching the data and creating custom dashboards/views
  • On-premise vs. Cloud
  • Pricing model. Subscription-based vs. Perpetual

SCOM is an excellent tool for infrastructure monitoring and with Comtrade SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix you get an insight into Nutanix Enterprise Cloud without any additional training or need to be familiar with Nutanix Prism console, so that you can focus on your clients and their needs.

Use the OMS Log Analytics search feature to easily combine and correlate any machine data from multiple sources within your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud environment. You can create your own custom views or use six out of the box OMS Solutions.

In my opinion, differences are a key factor that make SCOM and OMS a perfect monitoring couple. You can use them as great individual products, or, you can use them together and enjoy the benefits - they will give you a vast number of various views and dashboards, reports, custom searches, alerting and more.

If you are a SCOM user, we encourage you to seize the opportunity to monitor your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with two monitoring tools at no additional cost for the first 12 months, if you purchase SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix and use OMS Free plan. Please check Operations Management Suite Pricing for more options.

There is a trial version of both products available as well. Get the fully functional, 45-day trial version, without any automatic renewal and no obligation. You can find the solution in the Azure marketplace as well.

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