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The Un-Delete Button for GitHub

GitHub is your source of truth and the heart of your IP. Rapidly recover your GitHub data and automate your backups in 1-click.

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HYCU R-Graph SaaS data estate.

Rapidly restore your GitHub repositories and more. See for yourself.  

Integrating Data Protection into Your DevOps Workflow

The potential loss of valuable intellectual property (IP) and configurations stored in GitHub can have devastating consequences for your organization. Ensuring the safeguarding of GitHub and related critical services throughout your development lifecycle is imperative, particularly in the contemporary landscape where infrastructure is treated as code. HYCU for GitHub offers the following features:

Automatically backs up GitHub, enabling swift recovery from accidental or malicious deletions and corruptions.

Enhances GitHub data security through immutable, offsite backups.

Safeguards other essential SaaS services within your DevOps toolchain, ranging from CircleCI to Jira.