Protect your High-availability setup

January 25, 2017

When it comes to high-availability configurations F5 BIG-IP is simply great!

Thanks to sync-failover device groups you can configure up to eight devices to synchronize data and support failover purposes when a device becomes unavailable. Combine it with the fact that F5 BIG-IP is rock solid device, you are really safe.

The issue is that for failover setup to work properly, it’s not only about F5 BIG-IP.

To be fully confident that your failover configuration will work as expected once failover happens, you need to be sure that device(s) ready to take over, i.e. access pool members. You don’t want to learn the hard way that there’s some network configuration or some firewall preventing access to servers and hence practically disabling application delivery if failover happens.

With Comtrade F5 BIG-IP Management Pack we are monitoring F5 BIG-IP part of your application delivery stack and we are monitoring all devices in device sync-failover group for health states of application delivery components and alerting you if there’s problem. This helps you proactively solve any problems before it becomes a business issue.

Out of the box we also monitor number of healthy devices in sync failover group and alert you if number of healthy devices falls below predefined, configurable threshold. High-availability configuration is actually high-availability only if you have enough devices that are able to process traffic once failover happens. This proactive monitoring also helps you to deal with the issue before it starts hurting your core business.

At Comtrade Software we are interested in learning more about user experience with F5 BIG-IP based application delivery. Please comment below and let us know how you use F5 BIG-IP’s high-availability configuration.

If you are interested in test driving our product, please apply for free evaluation to download fully functional time limited version of our product.

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