Nutanix Backup and Recovery Has Never Been This Easy

Optimizing Nutanix Files with HYCU Data Protection

July 26, 2018

Why Nutanix Files and HYCU data protection work better together

The Right Action to take for Modern Data Protection

To modernize your existing data center, you need the right components that can take your enterprise infrastructure to the next level, including building a foundation for hyperconvergence. A software-defined scale-out file storage solution for unstructured file data provides a highly available and massively scalable data repository for a wide range of deployments and applications. However, protecting this requires a modern approach over traditional methods. Read on to discover how Nutanix and HYCU work together to deliver modern production and data protection—and potentially turn your high-cost IT into a profit center.

Get the Best of Both Clouds

If you’re like most IT managers, you’re looking for an enterprise infrastructure architecture that offers the best of both the public and private cloud without creating new data silos or added complexity. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS leverages its core web-scale architecture to provide portfolio services to power critical business applications. These application building blocks include on-demand compute resources, as well as elastic storage services for block and file-based data. This combination empowers IT managers to build and operate enterprise datacenters that look, feel and behave like public clouds.For file-based data storage, Nutanix Files (formerly Nutanix AFS) is a fully integrated, core component of the Nutanix enterprise cloud. This dedicated file services offering gives users a public cloud experience, with the control of a private cloud deployment. Nutanix AFS provides a common software layer, eliminates the complexity of deploying and managing separate infrastructure, scales on demand, increases capacity dynamically, and enhances the protection and recovery of files.Nutanix Files can also be easily deployed and managed on any Nutanix cluster with a few clicks. Because Nutanix Files lets you share files across user work stations or VMs in the same centralized Nutanix infrastructure, the need and extra costs for dedicated, complex file storage systems is eliminated. With all your infrastructure residing on the same, high performance platform, IT management is simplified and your resources are able to focus on critical, business initiatives.

Nutanix Files at a glance

  • Uses a scale-out architecture using Server Message Block (SMB) and NFS file services to Windows and Linux clients for home share and user profiles
  • Consists of three or more file server VMs (FSVM) also known as an Nutanix File cluster
  • Supports the creation of multiple file server clusters
  • No need of a separate network attached storage (NAS) appliance
  • Comes as an integrated, core component of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
  • Supports user and share quotas
  • Supports Access-Based Enumeration (ABE)
  • Enables user self-service recovery
  • Integrated automated disaster recovery to a secondary Nutanix cluster
  • Purpose-built with common functionality providing one console to manage VMs and the file system

HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix Takes Nutanix Files to the Next Level

HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix is a complementary approach that lets you fully leverage your Nutanix investment. HYCU offers purpose-built data protection capabilities that eliminates unnecessary redundancy and significantly improves system performance. It allows customers to leverage key storage-specific capabilities, such as snapshots, clones, replicas, compression, and deduplication, to run on Nutanix while complementing it with agentless application data protection, recovery and application discovery features.HYCU Nutanix Files Backup and Recovery functionality leverages Nutanix Change File Tracking (CFT) APIs to perform impact-free, agentless file-share backup. This means users can do backup in a fraction of the time it takes for the typical legacy backup. It also leverages the scale-out function of HYCU and Nutanix Files to perform backups in parallel. Even the first full backup can be completely parallelized.

Nutanix Backup and Recovery Has Never Been This Easy – HYCU is not just for Nutanix Files

HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix uses a single dashboard, shown below, that seamlessly integrates with Nutanix and lets you do data backup and recovery with a single click.

Nutanix Backup and Recovery Has Never Been This Easy

HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix at a glance

  • Utilizes Nutanix for efficient backup and recovery leveraging snapshots for impact-free backups
  • Reduces time for incremental backups by up to 90% with Change File Tracking (CFT)
  • Agentless backup and recovery
  • Requires no overlapping technology; is completely complementary to Nutanix
  • Enables administrator / tenant managed backup and recovery of files
  • Delivers the only data backup and recovery solution that fully supports Nutanix Files
  • Extends Nutanix data protection by providing file level recovery into weeks, months or years
  • Offers one backup solution for Nutanix apps, VMs and Nutanix Files


At HYCU, our goal is to bring extraordinary value to Nutanix customers by focusing on delivering the right level of integration to help you:

  • Leverage your investment
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Be strongly positioned for the future and technology changes – all while driving IT costs down

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