New at HYCU: July 2023
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

New at HYCU: July 2023

July 31, 2023

More cost savings, visibility, flexibility, security, and efficiency for our customers

Ensuring your organization's data is completely protected from disasters can be costly and complex – especially with the immediate risk of cyber threats. Not only do you need to ensure rapid recovery from data loss events across your entire data estate, but you also need to remain within budget, all while juggling your other important IT tasks. To alleviate this pressure and help you with these challenges, HYCU is excited to announce several updates, bringing you more ways to save costs, gain flexibility in the cloud, enhance security against ransomware threats and give you more time back on your calendar. Let's dive into these new features to see how they can help bring real value to your business.

Achieve faster recovery, shorter backup windows, and lower storage costs for NAS workloads.

NAS shares often contain data critical to an organization's daily operations. However, protecting them can be a lengthy process due to their significantly large terra-byte to petabyte-level scale. HYCU recognizes that NAS workloads are a vital part of our customer's business, and we want to ensure that they can be backed up and recovered as fast as possible to ensure minimal downtime when disaster strikes. In our latest update, you can now benefit from our incremental forever backups for NAS workloads that deliver shorter backup windows, optimized network utilization, and more storage efficiency. This enhancement not only focuses on efficiency but also delivers accelerated full and granular restores with no performance impact. The best thing about this enhancement is that there is no need for you to do anything different with your NAS workloads to take advantage of this capability – start reaping the benefits immediately with the latest update.

Increase flexibility and save money with new AWS S3 storage options for on-premises workloads.

Cost saving for our customers is always top of mind and we know that storing data in the cloud can be costly, especially if it's not being accessed frequently or only being retained for compliance. So why pay a premium to store it? HYCU now provides customers with additional flexibility, allowing you to directly back up to your desired AWS S3 tier, lowering your cloud storage costs from day one. You can now immediately reconcile the needs of your data to a less expensive storage tier without staging your backups to an AWS S3 standard tier first. Not only does this new feature help to lower your storage costs, but it also saves you time, alleviating the time needed for future labor-intensive information lifecycle management (ILM) tasks.

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Selecting an AWS S3 tier

Boost the security and recoverability of backup data on NAS backup targets with inbuilt immutability, ransomware-proof storage options.

Customers love NAS-based storage for it’s simplicity and robust deduplication capabilities, but one major drawback of NAS-based storage is immutability options. NAS shares often contain data critical to an organization's daily operations, so the lack of immutable, ransomware-proof backups for NAS-based storage can pose a significant risk to business continuity. With HYCU’s latest release, customers gain flexibility and security with another immutable storage option for NAS-based storage. Gain peace of mind knowing that your backups can now leverage inbuilt retention lock of NAS devices (such as Data Domain's compliance) and become immutable – protecting the integrity of your backups. You can now rest assured that with HYCU, your NAS backups targets containing business-critical data are safe from cyber threats, ransomware-free, and recoverable when you need it the most.  

Gain peace of mind knowing your NetApp data is protected from loss or corruption in Google Cloud.

Continuing our growing partnership with Google Cloud and NetApp, plus understanding our customer's data estate and needs, HYCU can now protect your business-critical data stored on NetApp Cloud Volumes in Google Cloud. With HYCU's same lightweight footprint and simplicity, you can comprehensively protect your NetApp data, whether on-premises or in Google Cloud, while remaining confident that it can be rapidly recovered when disasters strike. Need to protect and restore across different Google Cloud regions? We have you covered! HYCU is purpose-built in Google Cloud, ensuring support for all current and future Google Cloud regions – giving you peace of mind knowing your NetApp data is completely protected and recoverable from on-premises to cloud.

Obtain more time back on your calendar. Customized retention made easy.

Retaining data beyond its initial retention period for business requirements such as compliance, eDiscovery, or audits was previously a delicate process, requiring an investment of time out of your daily schedule to work with a specialized HYCU support representative. You can now change the backup retention whenever you need it in a few simple clicks. To ensure data doesn't get aged out by accidentally setting the wrong retention time, we've ensured that an approval process is in place, so managers and data owners can review, approve or deny retention changes. Together, this functionality further simplifies management of backup targets, makes it easier to meet compliance criteria and makes it quicker and easier for you to act in the event of a data compromise event.  

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Set new and adjust retention for backups

Improve operational efficiency with further simplified VMware backup management.

With VMware still an essential aspect of our customer's data estate, we want to make it even easier for you to manage data protection of VMware VMs spread across multiple data centers and geo-locations. You can now selectively discover, manage, and protect VMs based on their datacenter specified within the vCenter to a dedicated HYCU controller. This gives you greater flexibility to create a federated backup infrastructure that perfectly fits your VMware architecture and delivers a unified view for IT admins. If you're an MSP, you can leverage this new feature to lower risk and provide further security to your customers, segregating multiple datacenters to their respective HYCU controllers.

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Easily discover and protect VMware VMs based on datacenter or geo location

Make it easier to quickly see more information about data sources within your data estate with enhanced visibility options built into R-Graph

As organizations adopt more SaaS applications and cloud services, it becomes more difficult for IT to maintain a clear picture of the technology in use. To adequately protect the data across your IT estate, you must first be able to see all of the data sources you need to protect. To make it easier for IT to get a clear picture of their data estate, we have enhanced R-Graph with additional ways to view the applications and data sources used across your estate. Customers with many datasets of SaaS sources can now access a structured view of their data estate. Additionally, within R-Graph customers can now expand, contract, and hide R-Graph nodes.

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New structured view for large organizations

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New node click-through: Select a node and go directly to the right protection set

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New protection set view: See the last visited protection set in one click

Expanded protection options for SaaS modules  

To provide customers with more robust protection options for their SaaS applications, several of HYCU’s Atlassian, Salesforce and Okta modules have been enhanced.  

  • Customers using HYCU to protect Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence can now protect configuration data within these applications. Also, restored issues are now annotated with the original issue keys.  
  • To help our customers take advantage of Atlassian’s latest innovations, HYCU for Jira Service Management now supports the recently introduced team-managed JSM projects.  
  • The available protection options within HYCU for Salesforce have now been extended to include support for Partner standard objects.  
  • To extend customization options to Okta customers, HYCU for Okta now includes customization options that enable customers to use custom domains and branding  to seamlessly integrate with your company’s branding rather than using the Okta domain name. HYCU for Okta now also has the ability to back up system logs for auditing purposes.    

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