Mobility and Security Highlight Latest Enhancements to Award-Winning HYCU Protégé Platform
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Mobility and Security Highlight Latest Enhancements to Award-Winning HYCU Protégé Platform

November 17, 2022

Data protection has changed. We are now living in a hybrid world where the threat of ransomware is evolving in scale and sophistication and IT environments are becoming more complex than ever.  

On average organizations are having to protect over 150 data silos which means they are using multiple public cloud environments and/or adopting a hybrid cloud model to keep those silos in check.      

Ransomware is an everyday headline. With an attack happening on average every 11-seconds and organizations facing average downtime of 22-days following an attack, the frequency and severity of ransomware attacks is not going away anytime soon.    

To add fuel to the fire, it is predicted that the fastest-growing type of cybercrime, ransomware, is expected to attack a business, consumer, or device every 2-seconds by 2031, with global ransomware damage costs from those attacks to exceed $265 billion in that same timeframe. 

What does this all mean?  

Simply put, it means that increasingly complex IT environments and the evolving threat landscape surrounding ransomware make it much harder for IT to protect those environments. And, if we want to make a bad situation even worse,

Many organizations are still reliant on legacy backup solutions that just can’t keep up in this ever-changing world.  

So, it brings up this all-important question - What do we do about solving these challenges?  

First, we must change the way we think about data protection!  

And, that change begins with HYCU Protégé.  

HYCU Protégé is built differently to meet today’s data protection challenges. HYCU Protégé is a single SaaS platform designed to unify data protection for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that will help you:  

  • Easily visualize backup data across your hybrid or multi-cloud environment in one interface.
  • Easily manage data protection policies and move data between clouds.
  • Ensure your data is safe, protected, and available when you need it.

Second, you need to break free from the status quo.   

With HYCU Protégé we are doing things fundamentally different and breaking free from the status quo. Protégé is:  

  • 100% SaaS with dynamic scaling.  
  • “Shockingly simple” to use.  
  • Purpose-built, designed for the people behind the data.  
  • Agentless, application-centric, and impact-free.  
  • Storage agnostic with no data storage requirements.  

Driving business outcomes by:  

  • Saving time, money and resources  
  • Decreasing complexity  
  • Boosting flexibility  
  • Maintaining business continuity  
  • Minimizing risk  

Lastly, you need a data protection solution that consistently delivers impactful product updates to help accelerate and simplify your cloud journey.  

Already elegantly engineered to provide simple solutions for complex challenges, the latest updates to the HYCU Protégé platform provide customers with additional data protection capabilities designed to deliver extra flexibility and choice for hybrid and multi-cloud customers.  

New features:  
  • Mobility and Protection of Workloads on Azure Government Cloud: Federal agency and government: Customers can now rest assured that their data on Azure Gov Cloud can be backed up, restored to different regions, and even perform DR to a different region with Azure Gov. All this can be done safely within their own control, without having to worry about a third-party having access to their data.This is not only US government customers only as workloads running on Azure Government Cloud in more than 20 countries can be backed up, restored to different regions and even recovered to a different region if needed.  
  • Disaster recovery to AWS: Customers can now leverage HYCU Protégé to achieve cost-effective disaster recovery to AWS.  Customers also now have the flexibility if needed to leverage AWS as a backup target or prot AWS native workloads to quickly failover to AWS and continue business operations without interruption or disruption.  New enhancements help minimize infrastructure costs in AWS with on-demand disaster recovery, only spinning up those resources when needed.   
  • Cross-cloud restore and recovery: Customers can now protect data onto any S3 compatible cost-efficient public storage provider, like HYCU strategic technology alliance partner Wasabi, and DR to any public cloud of their choice. This allows customers to eliminate the need to provide DR functionality only for a small dataset. This, in turn, allows for rapid recovery across the entire data set when needed.   
  • Expanded options for Edge and Remote Office Backup: Now HYCU allows customers to half their infrastructure required in the edge and remote office locations by eliminating the need for full data protection infrastructure in every one of those locations and leveraging the public cloud storage targets.   
  • Enhanced Security with Strictest Regulations: With NIAP Certification, HYCU Protégé meets the stringent certification requirements mandated by US Federal procurement requirements (CNSSP 11) for use in U.S. National Security Systems (NSS). Customers have the peace of mind that sensitive information has the appropriate measures in place to keep data secure.   
  • New integrations: The latest update provides customers with additional flexibility by expanding supported technology integrations to include Scality S3 WORM, Nutanix AOS 6.5 LTS, Nutanix Objects 3.5, and QStar v7.  The addition of secure storage options and backup targets provides customers with additional optionality to bolster their data protection and ransomware preparedness.   


Using HYCU dashboard to keep track of Azure Cloud backups
HYCU Protégé for Azure Gov Cloud
  This is all on the already recognized features of HYCU Protégé:  
  • Backup: Makes the complexity of managing hybrid cloud environments effortless with unified, agentless, application-aware Backup as a Service solution.  
  • Disaster Recovery: Conquers any catastrophe with ease with an agentless, cost-efficient, unified DR solution designed to protect and recover data wherever customers need it.  
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud: Easily unlocks transparency and mobility for unique infrastructure with purpose-built solutions and single pane of glass approach.  
  • Data Migration and Mobility: Takes back control of data with on-demand migrations and cross-platform data mobility-without disruptions or data loss.  
  • Ransomware Protection: Effortlessly safeguards more data applications from cyber criminals. Helps to avoid paying pricey ransoms while minimizing downtime and damage to a company’s reputation.  
  • Security and Compliance: Protects data without sacrificing security with HYCU’s unique, security-first architecture that provides 100% data sovereignty and privacy.  


To learn more, take a free trial of HYCU Protégé  to unlock a simple, secure, and effective way to protect your multi-cloud and hybrid environments.    




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