HYCU reflects back on the Google Cloud Summit and recent BaaS innovations

Lessons learned at Google Cloud Summit Chicago

July 30, 2019

Wow – all I can say is wow – what a Google Cloud Summit – thank you Chicago!

Reflecting back on the Google Cloud Summit the week before last, I’m shocked that my body was still able to muster the energy to walk back to my hotel. My 18-hour day consisted of early morning HYCU booth set up, 20+ product demos, 10+ cloud architect conversations, 12+ MSP/SI partner conversations, 10+ Google seller discussions, a backup & DR master class, consuming more cupcakes than I care to remember, munching on caramel and cheddar cheese flavored popcorn, rooftop cocktail party [Thanks Maven Wave!]; bowling alley cocktail parties [Thanks Hitachi Consulting and Cloud Bakers], enjoying some amazing sushi in a honky-tonk part of Chicago, topped off with a late night beverage in an upscale hotel with my favorite Googler, Bader Hamdan and my favorite HYCUer, Simon Taylor. And that wasn’t the end. We closed the last night with an aging punk-rock star from the 80’s coming down and joining for a nightcap in the hotel bar. Apologies for the Jack Kerouac run-on-sentence but I hope you’re still with me!

Now on to the equally important stuff - What we all learned at Google Cloud Summit in Chicago!

1) Google Cloud is building tremendous sales momentum

Thomas Kurian is driving enterprise sales growth. At the Partner Summit on Wednesday, I sat in with all of the regional cloud sales managers, and they flashed an impressive list of new logos on board in the Midwest region. It’s well know that Tom is doubling the sales team this year, and its paying off!

2) Systems Integrators and Managed Services Providers are thriving in the Google Ecosystem

HYCU’s booth was surrounded by firms like SADA, MavenWave, Agosto, and Rackspace on the Summit floor – and their booths were a beehive of customer interest and activity. Google’s growth spike brings with it challenges in support from Professional Services – and these firms are helping to win business and drive more consumption for Google. These SI’s and MSP’s deserve a lot of credit in helping to accelerate enterprise customer onboarding and implementing workloads and enterprise applications like SAP HANA.

3) Native-Backup and Disaster Recovery on Google Cloud is on the implementation checklist

I talked to a FORTUNE 500 healthcare firm that is implementing Google Cloud currently. They told me that their IT Operations team had slowed down their implementations of Google Cloud as a result of being able to find the right native backup and DR solution to support them on Google Cloud. He was nine weeks into a 12-week POC when someone in IT Ops asked, “what is your strategy for Backup and DR?” He didn’t have a clear answer, and had to hit the pause button on the POC to search for a native backup and DR solution. Fortunately for us, he came to the right booth, since HYCU is the first and only truly native, purpose-built backup and DR service for Google Cloud.

But don’t just take our word on all of this, I’d highly recommend taking a look at what we have to offer to support your backup and recovery needs on Google Cloud. We offer a free, no-hassle, 14-day trial, available directly from Google Cloud. All you have to do is click and you’re ready to go. Let us know what you think.

Or, if you need more info, or are planning to attend an upcoming Summit, make sure to stop by or email us at google@hycu.com. Like many of the partners and customers we’re working with today, we know you won’t be disappointed!

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