HYCU Protégé

December 17, 2020

A Multi-cloud data protection for multi-tenant environments

HYCU Protégé provides a comprehensive data protection, data migration and DR solution specifically designed for service providers from ground up.

With built-in Self-Service, MultiTenancy and Role-Based Access Control, HYCU Protégé can enable service providers to efficiently host multiple customers in a both shared and segregated environments.



Multi-Tenant Data Protection

HYCU provides native, multitenant-secure, application consistent, backup and recovery functionality for each of the supported platform. With built in compliance to tenant SLAs, tight platform integration, and 1-click simplicity, HYCU can easily provide data-protection as a service to hosted tenants.


Multi-Tenant Data Mobility

HYCU can seamlessly lift and shift production workloads across a multi-cloud environment in a self-service, on-demand and staged manner. Hosted tenants can perform application consistent migrations across on-prem and public cloud environments, enabling a true hybrid datacenter.


Multi-Tenant Disaster Recovery

Tenants can DR from on-prem to public cloud or between different regions of public cloud or between different public clouds. With smooth failover and failback capabilities, tenants don’t have to pay for compute and high-performance storage until they actually need to DR.

Multi Cloud Data Management


Designed for service providers

Multi-tenant at its core

Enable service providers to intuitively host multiple tenants, organizations and users as HYCU’s designed from ground-up to host sandbox style environments.

Flexibility in architecture

Enables service provides to protect tenants in a shared and segregated infrastructure with HYCU’s multi-tenancy and distributed architecture.

Unified tenant management

Facilitate Service providers to monitor and manage data protection for all tenants across a multi-cloud environment from a single pane of glass.


Full-fledged multitenancy

Build contained environments

Create multiple tenants and assign them as owners of their respective VMs, applications, shares, and physical servers within a shared datacenter, serving as a fundamental building block for multitenancy.

Tenant based data security

Resources once assigned to a tenant not only secures the backups and restore-points but also its metadata to a dedicated backend database isolated from other tenants.

Enforce isolated and secure backups

Enforce backups of any and all tenants to dedicated backup targets over tenant specific network with native in-transit and at-rest data encryption.


Empowering tenant users

Delegate roles and responsibilities

Increase tenant’s autonomy by delegating tasks to tenant users – Such as, DBAs restoring their DBs or Dev-OPS teams cloning their VMs for test and dev purposes.

Role based access control

Assign intricately defined roles on a global and tenant level for
users to protect, recover, administer and monitor their data-protection sandbox within a shared datacenter.

Incorporate organizational authentication

Seamless integration with multiple directory-service instances of Active Directory, LDAP and LDAPS for tenant user-based login and customized access.


Tenant specific monitoring

Clear-cut reporting

Generate, schedule and email data protection and utilization reports
customized for every hosted tenant with HYCU’s built-in and exhaustive reporting framework.

Precise alerting

From SLA breach to resource availability, rise every tenant’s awareness through detailed alerting mechanism specific to their respective resources assigned to them.

Detailed job logging

Get down to the most minute details of every tenant’s data protection jobs with HYCU’s detailed and intuitive job logging mechanism for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.


Cloud native multi-tenancy

Instant inheritance

Seamless integration with the respective public cloud’s user access
management and logical groups to acquire it’s multitenancy capabilities when protecting public cloud resources.

Google Cloud Platform

Integrate with GCP’s Integrated Access Management and GCP’s
projects to provide tenant-based data-protection, cross-cloud migration and cross-cloud DR capabilities.

Azure platform

Integrate with Azure’s Active Directory service and Azure’s resource groups to provide tenant-based data-protection, cross-cloud migration and cross-cloud DR capabilities.

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