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HYCU Overview – Bringing Simplicity Back Where It Belongs

August 10, 2017

Recently we were talking with a customer who used to work at a mid-sized Managed Service Provider (MSP).

He told us that they had a team of 15 people whose entire job was to manage a “popular” backup product. In-spite of the size of the team they were barely able to set the backup for half of their infrastructure. His point was that the “popular” product with all of its moving parts was so difficult to deploy and configure before things start working. The bigger challenge for them was not the complicated startup, but to keep all of the moving parts up and running. In addition, updating the infrastructure was another nightmare he had to deal with on a regular basis.

When the customer saw HYCU, the first purpose-built data protection for Nutanix, his words were, “this is transformational! I love the simplicity and elegance!” Since we were building a solution for Nutanix, we wanted to make sure it aligns with Nutanix Prism and the usability philosophy it envisions.

HYCU is one of the first data protection solutions ideally suited for Nutanix AHV out of the gate.

And while AHV support is available today, HYCU is built to be Hypervisor agnostic, and there is no additional work required to support ESX. Once Nutanix certifies v3 API on ESX, HYCU will also support ESX. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Customers that choose Nutanix have already recognized the benefits that moving to a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure will bring. In a recent industry analyst survey industry, 58 percent of customers surveyed were looking for a new backup solution or wanted to consider a backup solution that was purpose built for their HCI platforms. Customers and prospects we have spoken to understand the philosophy that HCI provides - they want to simplify their infrastructure management and want to reduce silos. And while there are always options, few of today’s backup and recovery products eliminate separate backup silos and few align well with the customer’s goal of eliminating complexity.

We’re proud of HYCU, and for those familiar with Nutanix, they see how HYCU looks and feels like a Nutanix UI. That’s no coincidence, HYCU was developed specifically for that reason.

And that’s not all. There's patent-pending technology on our approach to application awareness. HYCU does more than just backup Virtual Machines (VMs), but also auto discovers the applications running within the VMs and informs the customers as to what they have and have not backed up.

HYCU also provides the most efficient backup for Nutanix AHV customers with the fastest recovery possible.

It provides the Application and VM content for backups, but leveraging Nutanix Storage level snapshots for backup and recovery.

And, we have file level restore, but take it one step further! HYCU does point-in-time database level restores.

Most importantly, there’s no waiting, no learning curve and no hassle. But don’t take our word for it, go ahead and give HYCU a try.


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