HYCU for Google Cloud: Expanding Application Coverage and Cost Savings

November 12, 2019

We are excited to share the news about our most recent update to our HYCU for Google Cloud solution.

This is a release that is primarily driven by customers pushing us to think hard about how we can save them long term backup storage costs and also how we can assist them in their use of Cloud for mission critical enterprise workloads.

Google has done a fantastic job of keeping Google Storage very price competitive and cost efficient for customers to adopt. But even with that, if customers have to keep their backup data for many, many years, then they need to find an efficient mechanism to store it. A traditional approach has been to run the infamous dedupe appliance on the web as is. While that sounds a logical choice, in practice it might not be a good choice because of the cloud economics. Unlike the on-premises world where the storage systems are expensive, in cloud the cloud storage is not expensive, but compute, memory and SSDs are expensive. For a dedupe appliances to work well, it needs a lot of compute, memory and SSDs. Thus, running dedupe appliances on the cloud to save cloud storage costs doesn’t seem to make economic sense. This is the reason, we decided to do it differently. We have built-in a compute-free always on incremental backup to our Google Cloud solution. The benefit for customers by doing this? They don’t pay anything extra, but still get the benefit of lower backup target utilization. This benefit is not just for backup, but also for Smart Archive.

In addition, HYCU also allows the customer to save cost by leveraging Google’s auto-tiering capability.

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Starting with this update, HYCU backups will use CBT functionality to enable optimized bucket storage consumption.

In addition to storage savings, in this release we have also added support for SAP HANA, MySQL and Postgres.

SAP HANA is one of the top five initiatives for Google and we at HYCU need to support it. We have been able to deliver impact-free SAP HANA backup leveraging the power of Google Cloud Storage Level Snapshots and SAP HANA’s built in capabilities. Customers using SAP HANA run at least three copies of their database for dev, test and production. HYCU can now enable them to get consistent, near-production copies for test and dev. The things that customers like the most are agentless impact-free backup and rapid recovery.

There is lot more functionality in this update. If you want to learn more just give it a try on https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/hycu-saas/hycu-idp-gcp. We have a built in 14 day free trial.

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