HYCU Backup as a Service Direct from the Google Cloud Marketplace!

February 1, 2019

After launching HYCU backup as a service for Google Cloud last year, we’ve seen tremendous interest and a significant number of inquiries about running HYCU within Google Cloud.

Many early adopter customers have enjoyed the simplicity that HYCU brings to backup and data protection in Google Cloud. And the main reason that’s the case is HYCU Backup and Recovery as a Service is available directly from Google Cloud Marketplace

No Deployment, No Management, No Agents or Scripts required

HYCU for Google Cloud is the industry’s first purpose-built, cloud-native backup and recovery service

built from the ground up with the Google Cloud Administrator in mind.

You can leave your deployment and management headaches behind. Where our competitor’s POCs can take weeks or months, even the more complex HYCU for Google Cloud POCs are done in hours or days.

HYCU backup as a service is fully integrated into Google Cloud.

You use your Google Cloud IAM login credentials, store your backups on Google Cloud in the regions and zones you want, and we even show up on your Google Cloud bill using the same Google Cloud storage backup pay-as-you-go pricing model you are already used to with Google.

HYCU is simple and elegant. No expensive license purchases required, as it is a pay as you go model based on source capacity and frequency of backups. There is no deployment and set up is easy. Just define your project instance, set up your VMs and applications, attach them to our pre-set Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze policies, and choose your Google Cloud zone, region and storage bucket and HYCU handles the rest. If you want to, you can create your own policies, simply choose frequency of backup, and how long you want to retain the data.

We are fully scalable, so that you can spin VMs up when you need more capacity backed up, and spin them down when you need less. You only pay for what you use, and since you don’t need to get into a complex scoping process about how many nodes you need and how many virtual appliances you need to create in your Google Cloud instance, HYCU doesn’t have a glass ceiling if you go over the storage amount you think you might need.

Easy to set up, deploy and manage!

Once you’ve created your instances and policies, choose your buckets for backup and restore.

HYCU Backup as a Service Direct from the GCP Marketplace!

There’s also easy reporting via the dashboard to set up alerts, but if you want the details, just click the Tasks and Events tabs to check on instances.

HYCU Backup as a Service for Google Cloud - Tasks and Events tabs

Once your VMs and Apps have been set up, leverage the HYCU dashboard to confirm that your policies are compliant and instances protected.

HYCU Backup as a Service for Google Cloud

And it gets even easier from there. Here are three Top tips:

  1. Backup to different locations to balance your risk;
  2. Select either coldline or nearline storage depending on how quickly you need to restore.
  3. Default HYCU settings are backup to Storage Regional Buckets. Since Google doesn’t charge for data transfers within Google Cloud you don’t pay a network bandwith charge.

Free Trial and More on Getting Started Today!

And, we’re now making it easier than ever before to try HYCU with Google Cloud. If you have an active Google Cloud project and a billing account, we will provide you a 14-day trial so that you can give it a try here.


You can also head right over to the Google Cloud Marketplace right now, to sign up.

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