Google Cloud Summit round up - Why Automation, APIs and Built-in Apps Matter

July 30, 2019

I just finished a June tour of Google Cloud Summits in Madrid, Paris and Milan.

I met some amazing partners and customers along the way. As I arrive to London for some more Google meetings, I’m so excited and amazed about the great community of Google Customer Engineers, Managed Services Providers, Systems Integrators and Google Cloud Customers I’ve already met and plan to meet soon. Special thanks to our friends Seifeddin Mansri, Cloud Architect at SFEIR in Paris and Mattia Pellin, Cloud Architect at Injenia in Milan.

As I reflect on the conversations I’ve had, and the presentations I heard from business leaders on stage, and meetings with Google Customer Engineers, and Cloud Architects from HYCU’s Partner MSPs there is so much to be excited about.

The following are just three that strike me as the most important:

We’re Passionate about Automation

In Paris, we ran a Backup and DR session on Google Cloud at the SFEIR booth. Afterwards, I spoke to several travel and retail customers. Companies are trying to rid themselves of the shackles of legacy, on-prem infrastructure and are committing to modern infrastructure-as-a-service with Google Cloud. Automation is going to be critical to help justify this journey to modern infrastructure. From our perspective, customers will also need a modern, automated Backup-as-a-service to protect their data for this journey.

We Love API’s

After wrapping our Backup and Disaster Recovery master class at Injenia’s booth in Milan, I was talking to Mattia, cloud architect, and we shared stories about how API links into Google Cloud technologies is a game changer. Native cloud applications that work through APIs make technology work so much faster, more efficiently and seamlessly than cloud washed applications that require scripts and agents and lengthy implementation projects.

Built-in, not Bolt-on Apps matter

Both Thomas Kurian in Paris, and Robert Enslin in Milan made reference to leveraging Built-in technologies and applications from partners. Google Cloud customers can expect more cloud native applications to help drive innovation and deliver business value.

July will continue to be busy with Google-focused meetings. We’ll be at Google Cloud Summit in Chicago on July 18. We’d love to share more on what we’re doing and how we’re helping make the journey to modern infrastructure a reality. You can pre-schedule time with our experts here! And, also make sure to fill out our pre-Summit survey here, and you’ll have a chance to win some cool new HYCU swag!


Google Cloud Summit round up - Why Automation, APIs and Built-in Apps Matter


I snapped a photo of Injenia’s absolutely magic bumper sticker I heart APIs….thanks for the inspiration!

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