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Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Global Manufacturer for Electronic Components Turns to HYCU for Backup

April 18, 2023

Deep rooted in history, TT Electronics is an award-winning manufacturer of design-led, advanced electronics technologies for performance-critical applications in specialized markets including healthcare, aerospace, defense, automation and electrification. With 27 design and manufacturing facilities and offices spread across the globe, TT Electronics has been solving technology challenges and developing solutions for a sustainable world since its inception as a small family-owned supplier of steel tools and scythes in 1812. 

For TT Electronics, sustainability comes with a heightened focus on operational excellence, reliability, and value to its customers worldwide. Their cutting-edge technologies, platforms, and methodologies are designed to deliver everything you need to bring your product to market cleaner, healthier, smarter, and faster. This go-to-market approach allows them to think globally and act locally delivering the flexibility to shift production gears between regions based on their customers’ needs and requirements. 

Rhys Cleverly, Head of Architecture, and his team at TT Electronics needed a product that could integrate with their heavy Nutanix-based on-prem infrastructure, but also have the innovation to migrate to the cloud as the company evolves and new developments arise.  

“I needed a solution where I was familiar with their on-prem experience and confident in their ability to migrate to a hybrid-cloud instance in the future,” said Cleverly. “Being a manufacturer on a global scale means lots of data must be kept onsite. As things eventually move to the cloud having automatic cloud migration capabilities is a necessity and having the tools to support us through this is invaluable." 

HYCU Protégé: The Only Purpose-Built Data Protection Solution for Nutanix

As a heavy Nutanix user with VMware, TT Electronics needed a solution that could work with their existing infrastructure, is native to Nutanix, can replicate snapshots, and can easily integrate with them. The decision to implement HYCU was solidified by a POC evaluation followed by an architecture review board. After the proof of concept was engaged and tested onsite, it was evident that HYCU met all their requirements and more. “For us it was a "no brainer." HYCU gave us the ability to store more compressed encrypted backup data on disk affording us the ability to recover much quicker,” noted Cleverly. “There were immediate results, and our backup time was cut in half. This was a big win for us because not only is it a direct value back to my team, but it’s a direct value back to the business.”

Speed, Recoverability, Rollout and the Total Cost of Ownership

Equally impressed from a TCO perspective, Cleverly had this to say: “We are saving so much from the HYCU solution. Previously, on some of our sites, we would have to wait until late Sunday for the backup to finish to run patches. Now, we can move that to early Saturday which gave us a great amount of time back. This not only allowed us to save on operational costs, but it gave our employees their weekends back, which is a huge win for us.” 

The CIO at TT was already impressed with the POC, but one thing that often gets overlooked is the rollout time and impact to the business. Any concern that he might have had was quickly debunked as the entire rollout process from implementation to training was done in less than a month. “The speed of deployment had us fully set up in just under 1 month,” reiterated Cleverly. “We had every site configured, we trained all the engineers on the sites and we held video calls with remote members of IT. HYCU really has changed the entire backup landscape at TT.” 

“The support from the HYCU team was second to none,” noted Cleverly. “The staff jumped on calls ASAP and were extremely knowledgeable in answering our questions. We’ve established a great relationship with the HYCU customer success and support teams, and they have been brilliant throughout this transition.”

What’s Next?

“In the future we plan to move even more to the cloud” says Cleverly. “Next year will be about exploring what it takes to move more applications into the cloud and with HYCU, we can be sure we can backup the instance as needed.”

With 27 global sites with 550 servers being backed up, TT Electronics has plenty of room to grow.

Download the full case study and see how HYCU has completely transformed the backup landscape for TT Electronics.    

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