Showing how HYCU handles SQL Point-in-time recovery for AHV

Did You Know: SQL Point-in-Time Recovery for AHV

October 24, 2017

Did you know that HYCU is the only agentless solution providing MS SQL Point in Time Recovery for AHV?

In the era where scale-out computing and cloud architectures are conquering legacy IT and running more and more workloads, IT directors/admins are facing a complex and gargantuan task of selecting the right data protection solution for their environments. Enterprise backup tools have complex support matrix tables and things get blurry very quickly - especially on the restore side.

HYCU is the only data protection solution that can provide agentless point-in-time restore for MS SQL databases on Nutanix AHV systems, at the same time leveraging Nutanix storage snapshots for the highest performance backup and recovery workflows.


Why do data protection vendors emphasize the backups and not the recovery operations?

In the legacy world, it was easy for vendors and tough for end-users. There was an application agent for each business application and/or OS, usually resulting in installation and upgrade nightmares for the IT admin. But, in the end, the agent was able to perform both application specific backup and recovery operations.

Things become dynamic with the emergence of virtual computing environments. It was obvious agents would become an even bigger nightmare for IT. What vendors started to do is VM-level backup (avoiding the need to deploy software on the VM itself) through the hypervisor management platform. These backups rely purely on platform’s VSS requestor for app-consistency, but are usually app-non-aware. And if you are app-non-aware, the consequence is the inability to perform app-level recovery.


Finding Private Ryan vs Saving Private Ryan

In the case of generic VM backup tools, you’ll be offered a number of “workarounds:”

  • “We have instant VM recovery from backup data, you just spin your SQL VM and you can use your data as you prefer!”
  • “We have the ability to SMB share your DB files from the backup target, so you can mount them and use as you want!”

Of course, the options above cover a number of use cases where it makes sense, but do not cover the basic functionality your data protection tools should offer – which is recovery. Recovery of the right set of data, on the right (production) place and within the right application service.

Imagine if in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” Cpt. Miller decided to finish his mission the moment he realized he found Private Ryan alive. That’s equivalent to spinning the VMs from the target, and leaving your data (Private Ryan) there. One needs to bring the data home alive (and kicking).


How does HYCU do it?

HYCU is app-centric by design.

By knowing what resides within the VMs, we know exactly what is the configuration of the application we need to recover and to provide all of the possible recovery options for it.

The same applies for MS SQL. HYCU is the only agentless data protection solution that is SQL-aware within Nutanix AHV environments and provides complete application-level recovery functionality.

SQL Point-in-Time Recovery for AHV

Restore Options View, Application level recovery


Finding Private Ryan was an extremely tough task, but saving him was even tougher. Do you need to find or recover your data?

Try HYCU, you won’t be disappointed!

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