Did You Know: Non-disruptive Data Protection

November 7, 2017

Did you know that HYCU minimizes the notorious “VM stun” issue by leveraging storage level snapshots from Nutanix?

A key objective for any data protection solution is to be non-intrusive. Business apps, and in particular the production environment, should not be affected by your data protection workflows. Never. Ever. One of the biggest headaches for virtual backup solutions is the “VM stun” situation where the VM is non-responsive (stunned) because of the underlying data protection process.

Providing a purpose-built solution for Nutanix, that leverages its storage level snapshotting API, HYCU enables a non-disruptive backup process that completely eliminates the unresponsiveness of your VMs.


Why VM stuns happen?

VM stuns that are a result of the data protection solutions occur when the snapshot manipulation happens within the data protection workflow. You can find the best inside information on VM stuns from VMware’s Cormac Hogan in his blog post “When and Why Do We Stun a VM.” He also covered the topic in a recent post describing the improvements done in vSphere 6.0 named “Snapshot Consolidation changes done in vSphere 6.0

If you take a step back, you can see that the higher up on the data storage stack you are, the bigger and longer the stuns will be. This is why, we believe, you need to provide the user the application content for backup, but the software should be smart to perform snapshot management operations on the storage level, i.e. get the best of both worlds.


How HYCU does it?

By tightly integrating with Nutanix and fully exploring its V3 snapshotting APIs, HYCU minimizes the major disruption in the backup workflow. Coupled with our app-centric approach, the customer is able to experience efficiency and simplicity with a natural app-centric interaction.

So, you need to ask yourself. How important is it to have your data protection solution address the following questions: How long of a VM stun can you afford? Do you have high I/O traffic activity on VMs? Can you predict and manage business application impact?

If the answer is “very high” or “not able to predict,” then you are ready for a non-disruptive data protection solution, check out “Try HYCU” and see for yourself.

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