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Better Together: Improving Application Uptime with Tighter HYCU-Nutanix-SCOM Integration

February 22, 2018

Application uptime and supporting IT organizations to deliver the best application user experience were, are, and will always be in the DNA of Comtrade Software. Our motivation for this latest product release originated with the increasing acceptance of HYCU, our Nutanix native data protection solution. As companies continue to look for simple solutions to prevent outages and data loss for business-critical apps running on Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure, the importance of a tightly integrated data protection solution becomes even more critical. The right combination of monitoring and data protection tools help keep applications up and running smoothly. While ultimately the ability to integrate all these tools and improve enterprise processes will keep IT organizations running efficiently. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the General Availability of our latest Comtrade SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix, which gives IT organizations an overview over the health of Virtual Machine (VM) and application backups, and provides the ability for users to instantly react to issues before they affect company application and data protection rules.IT management will find this release very useful as it also supports business continuity.

How does our latest SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix do this?

We allow IT management and application admins to ensure that application, and all relevant data, is available in the timeframes set in the event of a business disruption or disaster occurring, be it natural or human made. For that reason, we have introduced new alerts which help notify responsible teams when a specific VM or application is not compliant with set data protection rules like VM backup does not exist at all, backup is too old or restore can take longer than acceptable (see screenshot below). The same report can be also used to provide management compliance with SLO (Service Level Objectives) set by the business.

Noncompliant Virtual Machines

What does this mean for Nutanix or Backup Admins?

For Nutanix or Backup admins that are not usually responsible for data protection compliance like the Application admin or IT Manager, they gain access to alerts on when the last backup failure occurred. Here’s an example:

As the backup admin is typically more focused on how the data protection solution is performing and whether a VM or application backup is or is not failing for any reason, they gain better visibility into the data protection process.

Latest Support of Nutanix AOS

Per usual, every new SCOM MP release introduces support for the latest Nutanix AOS and Microsoft SCOM versions. With this release we support the latest AOS version 5.5.Customers, who are already using Comtrade SCOM MP for Nutanix, can get HYCU monitoring free of charge by upgrading to the latest version available on our support portal.If you need any more information or would like to hear about our product benefits or discuss your monitoring needs, feel free to contact us or you can download a 45-day free trial with full feature set

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