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Worry less, play more - HYCU has your back(up)

HYCU for Nutanix
 Worry less, play more - HYCU has your back(up)

Business Challenge

Gaming1 is aiming to increase its local and global footprint by regulating the online gaming market through the development of its own technology and omnichannel approach in the cloud and on-premises.

“We manage the whole IT infrastructure of the Gaming1 Group,” says Quentin Gillet, IT Infrastructure Manager at Gaming1 Group. “We deliver networking and computing resources to our different teams to run the Gaming1 platform across our partner network. Being bogged down by the nuances of a slow and hard to manage backup system was not something we could maintain,” continues Gillet.

Prior to implementing HYCU for Nutanix, Gaming1 was using Veeam as well as some custom backup scripts. “Veeam was too heavy, and the UI interface was not user-friendly at all,” says Quentin. “With HYCU everything is web-based and the server is running underLinux, so there is no need to run Windows Server appliance. Additionally, in some use cases, we do not have any local storage as a backup target. It was not possible to connect Veeam directly to an S3 bucket for example, which is possible with HYCU.”


Gaming1’s decision to implement a new backup system was solidified by a simple introduction to HYCU by the Nutanix team. “They explained how HYCU integrated with Nutanix, and the simplicity of their product,” emphasized Quentin. “We chose HYCU because of its ease of use, from installation to deployment. The fact it is agentless and works well with both Nutanix and VMware further cemented our decision to go with HYCU.”

“Our experience has been very satisfying with HYCU. The install and configuration were very simple, and the onboarding process was much appreciated,” says Quentin. “We tried Veeam as a solution, but HYCU is a far superior product.”

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