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Cost-efficient, high-performance data protection for VMware.

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Native and application-centric backup, disaster recovery, and migration.

Agentless and impact-free data protection for VMware
Ransomware-proof backups

Simple, secure data protection optimized for private and hybrid cloud.

One-click simplicity and secure, automated data protection to eliminate downtime and data loss across your VMware environment.

Hassle-free backup and recovery

Use set-and-forget policies to offload management responsibilities and free your time, resources, and energy.

Cost-efficient disaster recovery

Seamlessly failover your VMware workloads to the public cloud and only pay for storage and compute when necessary.

Risk-free, rapid migrations to the cloud

Lift and shift workloads on-demand between VMware and public clouds with application consistency.

Reduce your TCO and CAPEX

Save on infrastructure resources for backup and DR by leveraging your existing infrastructure and a lightweight deployment optimized for cost.

Become cyber resilient

Back up to WORM-enabled object storage using a data protection service architected for security.

Gain peace of mind

Quick, reliable recovery with immutable, air-gapped, application-consistent backups and granular recovery objectives.

Simplify IT operations and data management.

Eliminate the burden and impact of agents or plug-ins using intelligent remote communication capabilities with application VMs.
1-click simplicity to perform backup, disaster recovery, and migration operations with simple, automated workflows.
Scale up, out, and across multiple data centers with ease by utilizing a highly flexible and distributed architecture.
Protect your VMware applications instantly using a simple, unified, and intuitive experience with zero learning curve.
Get started in minutes; no time-consuming deployments or professional services are needed.

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Cost-efficient, high-performance backup and disaster recovery for VMware.

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Application-aware, purpose-built data protection for VMware.

Instantly discover all supported applications within your VMs with HYCU’s patented Application Awareness Technology.
Rapidly recover your applications, VMs, folders, and files from on-premises or public cloud targets.
Cost-efficient and high-performance incremental backups, copies, and incremental forever archives to Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, and AWS S3.
Multi-tenancy and a self-service portal to host multiple tenants, organizations, and users, delivering easy-to-use sandbox environments.
Enable your users to work effectively in test/dev environments using fast-mount, cloning, and migration capabilities.
Protégé User Interface

Try HYCU Protégé for VMware for free.

Cost-efficient, high-performance backup and disaster recovery for VMware.

  • Application-aware, agentless, and impact-free protection
  • Cost-effective backup and disaster recovery to the cloud
  • 1-click simplicity for all protection and recovery operations
  • Recover from ransomware using immutable, air-gapped backups

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