Automated, 1-click backup and restore for Confluence

Your data in Confluence is the lifeblood of your organization. With HYCU Protégé for Confluence, your data is protected 24/7, and recovery is one click away.


What would happen if you accidentally delete your Confluence sites, spaces, or blogs?

Deletions happen constantly, and if you don’t have backups, data loss is guaranteed. HYCU delivers radically simple backup and recovery of all your data in Confluence, with instant granular recovery one click away.

1-click backups that will run 24/7 with complete backup assurance

Restore entire Confluence sites, spaces, and blogs in one click

Store your data offsite, from days to years, and always meet compliance

Complete peace of mind with automated protection of your Jira data


Radically simple backup and restore for Confluence

Instantly restore data in 1 click – from entire sites to comments

  • Restore sites, spaces, pages, blogs, attachments, and even comments!
  • Avoid data loss and recover from deletions, bugs, outages, ransomware attacks, and more.
HYCU R-Graph, a network map of all your SaaS backup and protection status.

Automate your backups and turn on 24/7 protection

  • Assign backup policies for Confluence in one click
  • Enjoy ‘set and forget’ policies with complete backup assurance
  • Get instant notifications of your backup jobs and activity
  • Maintain complete visibility of all protected applications, JSM, Jira, and Confluence
HYCU Protégé for SaaS applications backup and recovery live status dashboard with a graph of applications by team, backup policies, targets, and pie charts of recoverable items.

Meet data retention requirements

  • Atlassian Cloud stores data for 90 days; with HYCU you can store data from days to years
  • Store your data offsite for as long as you’d like to meet compliance requirements.  
  • Create WORM-enabled ransomware-proof copies of your data for safe recovery.
HYCU Protégé Backup for SaaS policy table with compliance, protection, and discovery status markers.

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