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Power your services portfolio with the HYCU R-Score™ Assessment Tool

Get exclusive access to our HYCU R-Score ™ Assessment Tool,* a new, high-value ransomware recovery service you can offer customers to gauge their ransomware recovery readiness.

Are you ready to guide your customers through the era of ransomware?

Every organization is facing the threat of ransomware. With the R-Score Assessment, you have the keys to unlock a new revenue stream by delivering high-value insights that ensure your customers are prepared to not only protect and prevent an attack, but to recover when an attack happens.

With the R-Score Assessment Tool, you will assess your customers’ recovery readiness across five R-Score segments:

Backup process
Backup infrastructure
Security & networking
Restore process
Disaster recovery & incident response

The tool guides organizations through roughly 100 questions to provide a ‘FICO-like’ recovery readiness score between 0 and 1,000. The higher the score the better prepared your customer is to recover from a ransomware attack or security breach. Plus, the tool provides actionable improvement recommendations based on responses.

Access to the R-Score Assessment Tool gives you:

A comprehensive R-Score Assessment Tool training session

R-Score Assessment Tool certification examination and certificate of completion

SOW and sales decks to use with customers

HYCU support for your first two R-Score Assessment Tool customer engagements

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*To take advantage of the R-Score Assessment benefits, Service Providers must be enrolled in HYCU’s Service Provider Program and be part of our Advanced or Premier tier.