#73 – HYCU – Data Protection for Hyper-converged Infrastructure

#73 – HYCU – Data Protection for Hyper-converged Infrastructure

This week, Chris and Martin talk to Subbiah Sunderam, VP of Products at HYCU, Inc.  HYCU is both the name of the company and the data protection product sold by HYCU Inc.

The market already has many data protection solutions, so the unique differentiator for HYCU is focusing on the HCI market, specifically offering backup for Nutanix (both ESXi and AHV).  Of course, HCI platforms already have backup support, but as the discussion explains, having deeper integration into the HCI APIs, specifically those around changed file tracking, provide HYCU with an advantage over products backing up at the hypervisor layer.

As Chris and Martin find out, the name HYCU was originally intended to mean Hyper-Converged Uptime, but the association with Haiku (the Japanese short poems) is much more interesting.